We Further Discuss Birthday Gifts in Episode 173!


Yeah, the mirrors were kind of expensive and unnecessary, but I figure you gotta spoil yourself sometimes, am I right?

Yeah, the mirrors were kind of expensive and unnecessary, but I figure you gotta spoil yourself sometimes, am I right?

More movie discussion coming at ya in episode 173. If you're not into that, we're not sure how you've made it to episode 173! But seriously, as self-deprecating as the description of the episode is, we had a lot of fun discussing Kiss Me Deadly and World on a Wire, and we think you'll have fun listening!

Here's at least one of the lists of best sci-fi films that may have lead us to World on a Wire. Roger Ebert's review may not entirely support its spot at #27, but he still liked it!

As much as we swoon over the Criterion Collection, Black directors are significantly underrepresented. Here's a recent NYT article addressing the problem which they will hopefully move to rectify soon.

Turns out Mike Nichols has an EGOT! Though none of those awards were for the movie Regarding Henry, to Charlie's disappointment.

We Try to Remember Our Birthday Swag in Episode 172!


My money's on Frenchy

My money's on Frenchy

We apologize for the delay on the traditional Recounting of the Gifts - Birthday Edition 2020. As an act of contrition, Adam reviews the breakfast cereal no one knew they needed, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros! Because whenever we eat churros, we always wonder why we can't eat them immediately when we wake up. But now we can.

Morton and Hayes is real! Well, not REAL real. But it was a thing. (From Rob Reiner, with Christopher Guest and Michael McKean directing? That's quite a pedigree!) Here it is on YouTube!

It's not a question of whether Wisconsin Republicans are dickheads at all, it's more a question of what took them so long?

Adam ate Jet's Pizza for his birthday dinner. Make note of it.

We Try to Skip to the Ratings in Episode 171!


Sometimes the censored version is better

Sometimes the censored version is better

Tony and Paul do a great job of helming the ship in episode 171, the 46th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March! And they manage to keep our unruly guest Otto in line (well, most of the time). Also, we are well aware that we've already reviewed Guardians of the Galaxy, but the old episode is heavier on providing background about the comics, whereas the new episode has our thoughts that fit within the framework of the March. We think you'll find them quite complementary!

The specific scene from the blooper reel Adam mentions is here, but watch the whole thing whydoncha?

Reason #35 why it's sad that the Sega Dreamcast folded: Power Stone.

The Princess Bride "fan-film" is available on Quibi, so I guess it's destined to remain unviewed by anyone ever (I would say that Jeffrey Katzenberg might watch it, but he's on record as not actually watching any TV). Oh, and TIL: the score for the original film was arranged by our second-favorite Knopfler! (Mark)

We Become Cabin Men in Episode 170!


Successful haul from a post-apocalyptic wasteland supply run

Successful haul from a post-apocalyptic wasteland supply run

We have an old-fashioned chat in episode 170, where we just sit around and talk about things. But we bring topics (and editing), so we hope you find it as enjoyable a diversion as we did in these uncertain times.

Looks like our Chinese fans have finally taken note and decided to symbolically insult Ted Cruz rather than take any actual action against him. Effective? No. Fun? Most definitely!

Apparently, Topix (which you might remember from episode 116) was a website "where community members could go and post local news and gossip relevant to their own town" and "for your town's latest news and hottest takes". We can only assume they were run out of business by Nextdoor.

If you would like to murder computers, you can play the awkwardly punctuated 2000:1: A Space Felony here.

We mention an episode of Sherlock, so here's the relevant Wikipedia article. As of this post, it's also available on Netflix and we highly recommend it! Plus some info on Stalker and The Conqueror as it relates to crew members maybe getting cancer from the experience.

Dear listener, you too can listen to the Sparks album Adam mentions on YouTube for free! Although, if you're Swedish, I'm sure you already knew that.

We humbly propose that the East Lansing bar Harper's change its name to Super Spreaders.

Updates from Adam re: the Criterion Sale!

Good news update! I found "The War of the Worlds" (as the blog photo makes clear), and that's a story in itself! See, I'd been checking the Barnes & Noble website to see if any of the stores had gotten it back in stock, and I saw there was one, but it was out in Phoenix, like 40 minutes away. So I said to Brianne (it was her day off), "Aww, there's one in stock but it's 40 minutes away." And she said, "So? It'd be an excuse to get out of the apartment during this pandemic and go do something!" So I reserved it online, we took a nice leisurely drive to just north of Scottsdale, and I was able to pick it up! And when I did the guy working said, "This just came in, 'cos someone called asking for it yesterday and we didn't have it in stock." And then some old guy in I think a Korean War veteran hat was also standing in line, buying that Mary Trump book, and I smiled to myself. And then we listened to the first episode of the Sandman audio adaptation. Good times, good times. I didn't find Stalker though.

We Record Every Network (and PBS!) in Episode 169!


OK, we don't have much time... in 2003 you order some takeout that gives you really bad food poisoning. I can't remember the name of the place, but it starts with a J I think... Jerry's Pub? Jenna's Pub...? Anyway, it's something like that...

OK, we don't have much time... in 2003 you order some takeout that gives you really bad food poisoning. I can't remember the name of the place, but it starts with a "J" I think... Jerry's Pub? Jenna's Pub...? Anyway, it's something like that...

We exhausted ourselves to bring you the newest episode in our Merry Marvel Movie March, our discussion of 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past. We watched the theatrical cut AND the Rogue Cut in order to be as informed as possible. That's over 270 minutes of X-Men! And that doesn't even count the episode recording (we won't reveal how much material we cut from the episode, but we can assure you it was more than 11 minutes).

Nixon did visit the Lincoln Memorial to talk to protesters, rather than retreating into the White House bunker. However, early press reports described him as an "exhausted and overwrought president engaging students in nonsensical banter". So some comparisons to the current president still hold.

There were references to Cypher, Hate-Monger and House of M in this episode, so here you go! Now Charlie (and maybe also you!) can genuinely understand these references, instead of just pretending!

We Play Social Distance at The Price is Right in Episode 168!


Apparently our understudy host played this 2000 times last night and it isn't working right now, so I'm just going to give you the money

Apparently our understudy host played this 2000 times last night and it isn't working right now, so I'm just going to give you the money

After an intense legal battle, we were finally able to release episode 168 with the express written consent of Dru Karey. After that, Shaun White had no problem rescinding his request that we not break his confidence. We found it surprising that Dru had no idea what "The Price is Right" is, and that he lives in Portland, Maine. What a commute!

So "Street Sharks" and "Extreme Dinosaurs" are real, in case you needed further proof that everything in this episode was based in fact.

"The Price is Right" hasn't taped since March, so I'm not sure what Shaun White has been doing... maybe they just roll without turning on the camera to keep him busy? As long as he's entertaining folks at CBS Television City by playing old video games, I guess everyone wins! Oh, and he no longer needs to hot swap those PS2 discs!

It's also worth noting that the actual world record right now is a quad cork 1980. Shaun insists that he skip right to that 2700 though. If you achieve actual liftoff though and never land, it counts as a perfect run (rotation is infinite) – at least this is one of the potential rule changes that is proposed by Muniz Industries.

We Make Joe's Favorite Food in Episode 167!


The only known photo of James Varney

The only known photo of James "Jim" Varney

Whether you celebrated June 17th by relaxing and eating a quintessential New Jersey treat, or reading an SNL skit of your own, I think that we can all say it was a successful Piscopo Day! And here's an episode that records our revelry, as usual!

Alex mentions in the episode that he took part in the "n-1" annual Piscopo celebration. But he did not! It was in fact n-4, but we can see why he may have been so traumatized that he's relived it every year since! This seems consistent with the behavior of the Ghost of Piscopo Past, who is quite the trickster. Hopefully his participation this year won't haunt him!

If you're anything like us, you can never get enough ALF. Enjoy!

Someone made a Criterion Closet playlist for us. It's actually kinda fun to watch sometimes, if you're into that sort of thing! (You can watch Bill Hader be fun or Michael Cera be smug!)

As much as we are loath to promote any news to do with Martin Shkreli, there's the counterbalance of seeing him get more comeuppance that forces us to link to this article.

We Witness the Failure of a Cinematic Universe in Episode 166!


Looks like Spider-Man is in for a SHOCKING experience! ...no? No one? What if I said ''electrifying'' instead?

Looks like Spider-Man is in for a SHOCKING experience! ...no? No one? What if I said "electrifying" instead?

It's back-to-back episodes for our Merry Marvel Movie March with 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2! We discuss how this movie tries to get a full cinematic universe off the ground and fails at it rather spectacularly! I suppose it just wouldn't be a bad Spider-Man movie if it weren't overstuffed with villains and an excessive running time!

The reasons as to why this movie failed are rather extensive, but Andrew Garfield has suggested that the original storyline may have gone through too many changes. Was there originally an explanation why Max Dillon, apparently a gifted electrical engineer, was also doing low-level maintenance work? I guess we'll never know!

Still, it also seems like the part of the reason this movie didn't launch a franchise was due to...jet lag???

Unsure what Paul's talking about when he mentions Junji Ito and "it was made for me"? Good thing Know Your Meme's got you covered!

And finally, the oral history of Cabin Boy that Doug mentions. It's genuinely worth your time, so check it out!

Charlie's Dream Becomes a Reality in Episode 165!


The Winter Soldier is prepared to enforce social distancing

The Winter Soldier is prepared to enforce social distancing

It's Memorial Day, so it's only fitting that we should celebrate by reviewing Captain America: The Winter Soldier for our Merry Marvel Movie March! It was certainly not a random coincidence that this episode came out today... no sir! Is this Charlie's favorite movie of all time? You'll have to listen to find out, but all we're saying is that maybe Mission: Impossible – Fallout should be worried...

It may not be clear what the bullet count is in The Winter Soldier, but here's a video suggesting the body count at least is 177! Impressive, Cap.

Turns out Tony wasn't just all talk in the tag. When confronted about his mask use at his local golf course, he did indeed tell the offender to go f*** themselves! He rose to the challenge in a way that would make Steve Rogers proud, and for that we salute him!

We Commit to the Bit in Episode 164!


Just 6,999,999,998 more people, and we got a record, boys!

Just 6,999,999,998 more people, and we got a record, boys!

The bits come flying at you pretty fast in episode 164, so strap in! You'd better expect an intense experience when the essence of 5 days of Shenanigalactica is compressed into less than an hour. Some say it's a blessing, others a curse. But rest assured, it's an experience like no other, thanks to Adam's fastidious notetaking. No bit was lost, even the ones that were relegated to Shenanifailedza.

If the blog post photo is to be believed, it appears that Paul and Tony may have already set a record! No relevant results appear under Grand Canyon or defecation! However they fell just a little short of the largest peaceful gathering ever (2 vs 60 million) and the slightly more obscure record of largest gathering of people dressed as landmarks (0 vs 684).

We Find Shoes in Unexpected Places in Episode 163!


The Shy Guys have really updated their look

The Shy Guys have really updated their look

Our respective stay-at-home orders may have slowed the release of Marvel films, but they haven't slowed our Merry Marvel Movie March! This means we may catch up yet! In that spirit, please listen to episode 163, in which we discuss Thor: The Dark World. I mean, what else have you got to do?

Behind-the-scenes drama was a bit more heightened than usual (though not to Blade: Trinity levels). Natalie Portman was furious over Patty Jenkins' departure, while the erstwhile director herself explains while she chose to leave. And the always plain-spoken Christopher Eccleston did not hold his tongue about his disdain for his hours spent in makeup. (Although he's not the only somewhat disgruntled MCU actor.) And as we mentioned in the episode, it turns out audiences refused to believe Loki died.

Cut from this episode: references to the Adult Swim Show Beef House! If a Tim and Eric multi-cam sitcom sounds appealing to you, you will likely be satisfied.

And finally once again Adam has made a meme for us below, so please credit us if you use it!

March 1 vs. March 31

March 1 vs. March 31

We Fill the Grand Canyon in Episode 162!


Foggy Canyon and the IMAX Experience

Foggy Canyon and the IMAX Experience

Last month was the fifth anniversary of the original Shenaniganza Grand Canyon trip, and what better way to celebrate it than with a whole episode about this year's Shenanigalactica! As you'll hear, the raw "bit" material was molded into a plethora of comedic gems, although they aren't all contained herein. But don't worry, all will be recounted in detail in a future installment!

Turns out that if you stockpile hand sanitizer, maybe it ISN'T a good idea to have the New York Times write an article about you. Lesson learned!

And to continue the thread of "stories that quickly changed after we discussed them on the podcast", GameStop tried to claim it was an essential business but then quickly had to shut down. Lesson learned, again!

Have you seen the videos of cats being scared by cucumbers? No? I don't believe you, but fine, here you go.

We Wish the Shark Would Have Killed Us in Episode 161!


The citizenry needs more of him! (Less of everyone else)

The citizenry needs more of him! (Less of everyone else)

It's with great fanfare that we give to you the final episode in this year's Merry Marvel Movie March Madness, the 2013 "film" Kick-Ass 2. It's been a wild ride, but now we'll have to dial it back from a rolling boil to our more typical light simmer, Marvel-wise. But fear not; that's how some of the best sauces are made! And surely that translates to movie reviews.

Amazon reviews for Kick-Ass 2 run the gamut from bitter and pedantic to thoughtful and hilarious. However, none of them get us any closer to figuring out WHO this movie was FOR...

If you doubt that we were Pepsi Max-shippers from the get-go, audio proof exists. I mean, you could simply take our word for it, but that wouldn't be nearly as entertaining as listening!

Yes, yes, Union J is a real group which has a Facebook page that's updated sometimes. And THAT VIDEO! *swoon*

Mark Millar licks goats? Machine Man made a sign, so seems legit!

The Simpsons episode that Adam refers to is called Blood Feud (S2E22). Doug actually mentioned this in the original recording, but since we try not to leave anything in the final cut that makes Doug look good, it was removed.

We Perform Autosurgery in Episode 160!


What's the point of getting this jacked if she's immune to my manly charms??

What's the point of getting this jacked if she's immune to my manly charms??

Is your March suddenly lacking Madness? It may only be slight consolation to you sports fans, but our Merry Marvel Movie March Madness won't ever be canceled because we're never in the same room together! Episode number two of three for the month features 2013's solo Wolverine movie, efficiently titled The Wolverine.

Doug wasn't kidding when he said he was conditioned to think this was a remake of Superman II. I mean, just watch the trailer!

While it was used as a backdrop for our entertainment, it's always worth realizing that, you know, atomic bombs are bad. Here's a little reading on the Hibakusha, the folks who were most affected.

But on a lighter note (though still death-related), here's the "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" meme Paul was referring to during the episode.

We Kidnap the President Again(!) in Episode 159!


When Frank told his therapist that he was afraid of heights, drowning, AND robots, they decided together that exposure therapy was the only recourse.

When Frank told his therapist that he was afraid of heights, drowning, AND robots, they decided together that exposure therapy was the only recourse.

It's time once again for MERRY MARVEL MOVIE MARCH MADNESS! *AIRHORN* We've got three MMMM episodes for you this month, starting with episode 159, in which we discuss 2013's Iron Man 3. Catching our march up to modern times is seeming more likely, unless someone comes up with an AI that analyzes and greenlights scripts - or even the entire movie-making process!

Iron Man 3 has many setpieces, not the least of which is the skydiving scene. There's some interesting info we didn't get into in articles here and here.

Doug chastised us for not calling a soda by its proper name: Mountain Dew Zero Sugar. Honestly, how are we (the uneducated public) supposed to keep up with advancements in Soda Technology, let alone the technical names these scientists come up with? All we know is it has black can art, so it must be low calorie!

We Recount the Gifts and Do the Dew in Episode 158!


Those looking for less than 100% Dew will not find it here

Those looking for less than 100% Dew will not find it here

For whatever reason we just had too much to talk about before our The Amazing Spider-Man episode, so we spun off our discussion into episode 158. But since it happened first, Charlie refers to it as episode 157 in the actual recording. He wasn't wrong at the time, but does that make him wrong now? That's up to you, the listener, to decide (especially since Charlie didn't want to record the line over again).

Finally: a chance to bring up the exclusive KFC Dew flavor Sweet Lightning. Although I think I'm more impressed that there's a dedicated Mountain Dew wiki.

OK, so, soy sauce... testicles... sigh. We can't even...

And even though the existence of the Space Force proves we are in the darkest of timelines, Cracked at least did a little work to determine whether or not the logo was stolen from Star Trek as Doug suggests.

We Grab for the Gun in Episode 157!


Since you seem to have developed super strength and agility, I just thought I'd take this opportunity to express my sympathies

Since you seem to have developed super strength and agility, I just thought I'd take this opportunity to express my sympathies

We introduce Tony to his first Spider-Man movie in our 38th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March as we review The Amazing Spider-Man. We must admit, the replacement of Tobey Maguire with Andrew Garfield may have been a factor in Tony's decision to watch this.

As Adam mentioned in the podcast, our old pal Nathan Rabin actually liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (contains spoilers). Well, he enjoyed it ironically, but that's still enjoyment! Perhaps for that episode Doug will have to break out his scale that involves negative scores. But we digress!

We tried to find some cool behind-the-scenes stories for this movie, but unsurprisingly, most of those deal with the ill-fated sequel instead of this. So while we've got a bunch of fun links lined up for when we reach installment 44 of our March, for now you'll have to be content with this 2012 interview with director Marc Webb.

Alex Tries to Wipe His Memory in Episode 156!


Rey, I just finally remembered that thing I said I was going to tell you! I guess I'll wait 'til you get back, if I still remember!

Rey, I just finally remembered that thing I said I was going to tell you! I guess I'll wait 'til you get back, if I still remember!

Episode 156 has all the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker content you still must be craving a full month after the movie's release. But seriously, give it a listen, especially if you're looking for a less, ah, indulgent viewpoint of the movie. I mean, I can't think of any other source than us for formulating a better script.

Poor Nien Nunb! Or not? After all, he's really not dead as long as we remember him. (And I don't mean in that stupid "emotionally impactful Star Trek" way, I mean literally!)

In this YouTube video created seemingly with Tony Huff specifically in mind, we see all the scenes from the prequels that spawned memes. Which is more comprehensive than you might imagine. And with some bonus Rogue One at the end!

And Adam made a meme, just for us!

I mean, he's got a point

I mean, he's got a point.

We Almost Get a Dinosaur Movie in Episode 155!


You know, you really remind me of someone...

You know, you really remind me of someone...

It's safe to say that we were all pleasantly surprised with Men in Black 3 in episode 155 -- edition 37 of our Merry Marvel Movie March. And our eagle-eyed fans will notice that this episode instigated a re-rate of a previous film... FROM CHARLIE. Wow!

In Doug's defense, everyone is more prone to crying on planes. And if you don't get a tear in your eye near the end of this movie, that doesn't NECESSARILY make you a monster... but you're halfway there.

We didn't really know anything about Rip Torn's life before this episode, but this is pretty much exactly what we imagined it would be. Of course, that didn't stop Air New Zealand from hiring him for this safety video.

Charlie has been thinking about it, and wants to say that he now understands the spontaneous healing of Will Smith when he time travels near the end of the movie. When Smith travels back, the healing indicates his victory is inevitable, and thus the spikes never hit him in the first place! (Either that, or it's just a fun movie and we shouldn't think about it too hard.)

We're Not the Only Ones Last-Minute Shopping in Episode 154!


EXACTLY why you stay open on Christmas Day!

EXACTLY why you stay open on Christmas Day!

The Gobeski/Wallace Report wishes you and your family a Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year! Now that we've done that, the least you can do is force everyone you know to listen to episode 154. It's the podcast that brings people of all creeds and languages together in harmony, after all! Are you opposed to love, unity, and peace on Earth? Well, are you?!

Frankie may not SAY that his Clone Oil is made from people, but I mean, c'mon. But is it sustainable? We can't imagine humans, even cloned ones, aren't a burden on the environment. But cannibalizing wild caught humans? That's bound to be a net boon for Mother Earth! (Curse you Paul Wilcox, for making us think about this...)

Richard Karn was lying - he hasn't been on the Home Impodcast since June of 2017! WE... ARE... FURIOUS!

We May or May Not Be Possessed by an Asgardian in Episode 153!


Guys, just make sure you arrange yourselves so Loki can see ALL of us

Guys, just make sure you arrange yourselves so Loki can see ALL of us

We're finally finished with Phase 1 of the MCU now that we've reviewed The Avengers for our Merry Marvel Movie March. Now on to Phase 2, which based on dialogue in this movie we believe to be a bunch of weapons in some boxes... Plus we mourn a certain character who is now DEAD FOREVER and certainly doesn't come back as the lead of a spin-off series lasting seven seasons.

Even though the selection on the website eTHAICD is extensive, please note that the sixth search result for "avengers" is a movie called Scavengers. So, maybe not the most intuitive search algorithm ever devised...

As much as Charlie would rather have S.H.I.E.L.D.'s duties be taken over by the Department of the Interior, there's reason to believe that they may not keep the plot of their Marvel movies on the rails either.

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet.

Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes and Chris Evans understanding that reference are just two of the memes that come from this movie. I'm sure we'll talk about lots more MCU-specific memes in future episodes.

We cut a tangent where we all stop and watch the trailer for the 1977 horror film House, so now that means you have to watch it since you didn't hear us explain it. Similarly, you'll have to watch The Avengers gag reel for the same reason.

We Travel Through a Black Hole Underwater in Episode 152!


Leisure time optimization

Leisure time optimization

seaQuest DSV has always been our passion, but we get a little bit off-topic in episode 152, despite Adam's best efforts. We promise to be more focused next time!

There's a Planet Money episode about beating the lottery that Paul mentions in the episode. Also: this "60 Minutes" episode about a couple who found a flawed lottery game and won millions.

Doug sent us a couple comics relating to Veterans Day restaurant deals, which you can find here and here.

Buying retro games for display-only? DUMB!

Apparently "sticking to sports" means "diving into an uncontrollable tailspin from which you will never recover". RIP Deadspin.

And finally, here's the photo of Darwin that Paul sent us:

This isn't a real dolphin? So disillusioned!

This isn't a real dolphin? So disillusioned!

Episode 151 Has More Nic Cage Than Usual... Again!


Why mess with the perfect photo?

Why mess with the perfect photo?

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we reviewed Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance for our Merry Marvel Movie March. Turns out we already did this in episode 33 as well, but I guess that was a different podcast... with different hosts? This universe switch sure is disorienting, but as long as there are Gobeskis and Wallaces present, I think we're on the right track.

A quick Google search of "nic cage bare-assed" results in many things you'd expect, but surprisingly also this Guardian interview he did while promoting Frozen Ground (which Charlie has seen!) (It was not good).

And an MTV article which addresses the fire pee. At least no one can say we didn't get exactly what we were promised...

We Reinvent Ourselves Again and Again in Episode 150!


I felt compelled to use this picture, but I'm not sure why...

I felt compelled to use this picture, but I'm not sure why...

Wow, can't believe we made it to episode 150! Too bad we end up cutting the episode short and talking about nothing... or did we talk about EVERYTHING? We can't help but feel like everything will be different from now on... or will it be exactly the same? But rest assured, the next 150 episodes will have the same stellar content you've come to expect from us, minus one specific topic.

As you may you recall, this rat, perhaps inspired by Mr. Chuck himself, stole a piece of pizza (and our hearts) back in 2015.

Sorry, short blog post this time around! But that makes sense, given how short the episode was. I think? It's tough to remember...

We Ride Motorcycles into Secret Bases in Episode 149!


It belongs in a museum!

It belongs in a museum!

Our Merry Marvel Movie March takes us back in time with episode 149, all about the 2011 period adventure movie Captain America: The First Avenger! We talk about The Rocketeer, the Red Skull, and whether all those people shot with fancy Hydra weapons were killed or teleported. And we learn that Charlie's favorite movie titles are the ones that don't leave any surprises for the audience to discover!

Our very own correspondent Douglas Gobeski had the opportunity to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, where he saw all sorts of neat things, including the bike that Captain America rode in this movie! And that's his photo up there at the top!

So how DID they make Chris Evans so small in the first part of this movie? As Adam says in the episode, it was a combination of CG and a body double; FX Guide has the lowdown on how the magic happens! (A couple thumbnails on that link aren't working, but if you click the thumbnail the full image will appear.)

And if we're gonna discuss the super soldier augmentation of Captain America, we're legally required to include this image:

from an io9 article

From this article

We Compare Degrees in Episode 148!


Even worse than it looks

Even worse than it looks

Episode 148 is a celebration of many things: new degrees, a boyz reunion, and food experiments, to name a few. Many bits were born and much snacking was partaken in! Listen all the way to the end for an extra "Chippin' with Charlie" segment!

Here's a primer on Mixer. Oh, now I know where I've seen that Ninja guy - he was The Ice Cream on "The Masked Singer" this week!

Adam and Doug were talking about the TV show "Secrets of the Dead", not to be confused with "Ancient Aliens".

Doug mentions this textbook in the episode, which describes this phenomenon.

Nazis ruin everything, and Old Kinderhook himself would be ashamed of how they've appropriated his hand symbol. Blech.

People still mention this meme to Charlie occasionally. Yep, he was alive 14 years ago, so he's definitely seen this before – no need to remind him!

In case you forgot: Hey Paul. Dat pizza dough.

Here's the Red Letter Media podcast about streaming services in case, like the rest of us, you just can't seem to keep up with this sort of news anymore.

Doug uses this invisible oil on his own body, and hasn't been mauled by eMules yet. They must have done a good job of disguising the taste of the bittering agent when consumed by humans!

And since our podcast has evolved into its own version of an extended meme reel, here's the context for the egg that's bigger than before.

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