We Literally Blaze a Trail in Episode 127!


Modeled on Nic Cage's actual skull. (That's true!)

Modeled on Nic Cage's actual skull. (That's true!)

Apparently we needed a little break after X-Men: The Last Stand, but we're back in episode 127 to talk about Ghost Rider, the 23rd edition of our Merry Marvel Movie March! The actual MCU is right around the corner, so thanks for hanging in there with us! Not that you don't love all these movies too, of course.

In this installment of "Paul's Meme corner": The Cop Who Likes Space Jam

Adam says no one really asked Charlie what he meant when he referred to the "comic book style" of the film Ghost Rider. He was referring mostly to the overall visual aesthetic, especially color palette and color tone. While not going as far as the literal "panelling" of Ang Lee's Hulk or as stark color contrast as something like Sin City, the influence of the illustrated page definitely seemed to be there. At least, in his opinion.

Here's an article about different extended cuts that you might find interesting (and at the very least explains why we passed on watching the extended cut of this movie, even though we went to the trouble watching the director's cut of Daredevil).

We Talk To Two Frankies in Episode 126


And the tweeting wouldn't even be that bad by itself... it's all the RE-tweeting!

And the tweeting wouldn't even be that bad by itself... it's all the RE-tweeting!

The newest Skype update appears to have bridged the gap between various realities, which is on display in episode 126. Now if they'd just bring back the old GUI it might not be a horrible program!

Alex makes reference to an Anthony Jeselnik routine, and we always give proper attribution!

Ah yes, Tay, the Microsoft conversation bot! Proving once again that there's nothing that trolls can't ruin in 16 hours!

Now that I'm aware Ed Balls Day exists, we'll probably have to commemorate it on the podcast in April.

We Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in Episode 125!


They're harder to eat when you know they had a personality...

They're harder to eat when you know they had a personality...

We've gotten into the habit of having fun conversations BEFORE we start the podcast proper, but luckily Charlie is always recording! That's how we got our latest clips episode, so it's all for your benefit! And while he also does keep all incriminating sound bites, he saves those as potential blackmail, so you won't find any of that here. Maybe in episode 175...?

And you may have noticed that this, our third tag show, is called "Tag Show 2". This is definitely because we don't consider episode 50 to be a true tag show and most assuredly not at all because Charlie forgot about that episode when he named this one.

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie played in 877 theaters - United Passions only played in 10. And to be fair, Solo: A Star Wars Story did better than both of those.

Here's that link again for the despecialized versions of the Star Wars trilogy.

While personally we feel like "spider milk" is disgusting and needs no further explanation, here's some info on BioSteel and goat milk with silk in it for those of you who are weirdos.

If you missed one particular day in Twitter history, you can read about the "funded" "remake" of The Last Jedi.

And finally, the full sandwich chart that you see above.

We Compartmentalize Our Untapped Potential in Episode 124


10% of the main characters in this film

10% of the main characters in this film

In an attempt to fight against the ceaseless tide of the Merry Marvel Movie March we present to you episode 124! It's not nearly our highest-rated film, but it is certainly the next chronologically. You would have a hard time arguing with that!

Here's that Juggernaut proto-meme that Paul knows so much about. It turns out we stumbled into a segment of "Paul Explains the Internet" and didn't even realize it!

Doug mentioned it in the podcast, but we ended up cutting it for time, so here's a piece of info for you: Shohreh Aghdashloo, who plays Dr. Kavita Rao (one of the mutant cure scientists) would go on to play Agent Madani's mother Farah in the Netflix series The Punisher, thus continuing her Marvel connections! Oh, and you may have seen her in Star Trek Beyond (she's the commander of Starbase Yorktown) or The Expanse – so now you know why she seems familiar to you!

We Preorder Vanity License Plates in Episode 123!


Did I also mention I'm the ruler of Latveria? Yes, that's a thing!

Did I also mention I'm the ruler of Latveria? Yes, that's a thing!

While none of the Fantastic Four films is a top tier Marvel movie, it is interesting to see which one will be the best of the bunch. Is it the 2005 version? Listen to the episode to see what we think! Or I guess you could just look at our Merry Marvel Movie March scorecard which is easier but less entertaining...

Simpsons reference alert! Here's the Juice Loosener!

We don't know much about Phase 4 of the MCU, but we do know that one of the projects actively being worked on is an Eternals movie. Eternals! That alone should give hope to the thought of some day doing 2099 stuff...

We Eventually Introduce Ourselves in Episode 122!


The strip really is like

The strip really is like "Goofus and Gallant", but for dogs

How will we ever explain the never-ending pantheon of failed junk food products to our children? I guess episode 122 is a good start. And along the way they can learn about "Nancy" and "Marmaduke".

Here's a link to the Mournin' Pete's Barbeque shirt that Doug is talking about, created by artist Branson Reese.

Although Charlie was joking, it appears the original formula for Coca-Cola had coriander oil in it. So it WAS cilantro-based!

Pepsi Blue is still available in Indonesia! We have a Reddit link to prove it!

We'd like to point out that "Disenchantment" runs about 25 minutes per episode, with about 3 minutes after that of strictly international credits. More importantly, by the end of the first season Doug was a big fan!

Arby's actually has a secret menu. That the public can access via their website. In any case, here is the fabled Meat Mountain. It isn't actually listed in their nutrition facts but the individual items are, so you can add them up yourself! Nothing like a little calorie accounting to build up your appetite and make you aware of your own fragile mortality. However, the Arch Deluxe only has a Wikipedia page to continue its legacy. (I assume; I'm too lazy to actually go looking.)

We Discuss a Giant-Size Man-Thing in Episode 121!


The Man-Thing wins again! Shame we can't say the same for the audience...

The Man-Thing wins again! Shame we can't say the same for the audience...

Our Merry Marvel Movie March carries on with a special BONUS episode: that's right, our 20th installment of the March covers the 2005 direct-to-Sci-Fi-Channel "hit" Man-Thing! Should the movie have gone to theatres, the way they originally intended? Absolutely not, and we have a grand time discussing why! The movie may have sucked, but our discussion was a success!

And yes, this is a bonus episode, partly because we didn't want to devote a regularly-timed episode to such a poor film, but also because we wanted to try and gain some ground in the March. Well, it's always nice to dream, I feel. But hey! Somewhat surprisingly, our Merry Marvel Movie Song-Off is back! How was the song? Listen and judge for yourself!

There was indeed a comic called Giant-Size Man-Thing! Sometimes it's the sophomoric joys of life that make it all worthwhile...

So given that he seems to be a hybrid of man and plant, why isn't he just called Plantman? Well, probably because the name was already taken.

And in case you're not up to speed on your Papa Roach memes, we're here to help.

We Flip the Script in Episode 120!


Are there Photoshop awards??

Are there Photoshop awards??

You asked for it, and now you've got it! The Gobeskis Report returns with not-special guest Charlie Wallace from the podcast Cinematic Respect. Haven't heard The Gobeskis Report before? Perhaps you've stepped into the wrong universe. So whatever portal you passed through, or genius invention gone awry you've used, or evil witch you've double-crossed... just do the opposite of that and you should be back to where you came from. Or succumb to some fate worse than Death, but in either case it won't be our problem anymore!

And of course, we only get this episode out AFTER Laura Dern and Steven Spielberg save the Earth, yet again. Take that, general movie-going public!

The identity of the Masked Magician has finally been revealed! And as is custom amongst the magic community, he was beheaded for his Crimes Against Illusion. But beheaded in the "Magic Show" sense, so he's just fine.

We Forget About Christmas in Episode 119!


This isn't the first -- or last -- archery we'll see in the MMMM...

This isn't the first -- or last -- archery we'll see in the MMMM...

Installment 19 of our Merry Marvel Movie March has us reviewing the 2005 film Elektra and Adam had our expectations set low on this one. But, I think it's safe to say this movie exceeded those expectations! Just barely!

Here's a little primer on Typhoid Mary, though I'm not sure it's necessary since the movie has a character who is nothing like this.

At the beginning of the episode, we hear some "Neko Atsume" in the background. It's a fun adorable mobile cat game, and definitely more worthwhile than Elektra.

I talk about the intro to Dracula Untold which is actually interesting visually, but pretty stupid from a screenplay standpoint. Work it into the script, dummies!

We Test Our Wits in Episode 118!


I am not an answer in Trivia Showdown Volume 1. Perhaps Volume 2...?

I am not an answer in Trivia Showdown Volume 1. Perhaps Volume 2...?

Alex Clark is back to tell us about his new book Trivia Showdown in episode 118! Adam and Charlie go head to head in a no-holds-barred trivia brawl! Only one can end up in the winner's circle: who will be victorious?? (Probably the Rock.)

And yes, obviously you should buy Trivia Showdown! Charlie put his money where his mouth is and bought his copy last week, so you should too! And we'll make sure to let you know when Volume 2 arrives next month!

Want to annoy your pedantic friends? Well now you can do so without saying a word with an annoying shirt!

We considered linking to the "Remake the Last Jedi" campaign, but decided at best it would be "feeding the trolls", at worst "feeding the delusional fanboys". You can Google it if you really care to find it.

Remember when Charlie talked about Henry Cavill's mustache in another episode? Here's the story behind that, and sorry for the late link!

We Deal with a Bored Dracula in Episode 117!


Let me explain to you, a half-vampire, how vampires work!

Let me explain to you, a half-vampire, how vampires work!

Our most recent Merry Marvel Movie March installment comes to you thanks to frequent guest Doug Gobeski, who graciously allowed us to hang out with him for the weekend and record episode 117. As a result, there were a lot of bits that weren't recorded and simply went out into the aether. What a waste, right? If the Surveillance State picked up any of that and could give us a copy it would be much appreciated.

Here's that AV Club article where Patton Oswalt talks about the production of Blade: Trinity. He makes it sound like fun though!

As we mention in the show, Ryan Reynolds did his own fight scenes and was slammed into a concrete floor multiple times. Why not a rubber floor you ask? Because it didn't look believable! I think it woulda looked cool if he had bounced a few times though. I mean, he IS fighting against a vampire!

Wesley Snipes memes courtesy The AV Club again. I don't see Blade IRL yet though! We'd better get started though, it is the logical progression of things.

After looking it up, Adam now knows that Stealth is not really "The Fast and the Furious with planes", though you'd be hard pressed to make the distinction simply from the trailer.

I have no idea what the Skarp Laser Razor is, but it sure is fun to say out loud!

Here's at least part of the reason we keep saying "hella sick" during the show.

And proof that "izzle" was at its height around 2005. Don't ever say we aren't expert trend archivists!

We Argue About Clipping in Episode 116!


Why does he keep looking in there and then saying

Why does he keep looking in there and then saying "Milk truk just arive"?

We come up with a stable, profitable business model in episode 116 but it's not without its problems. After all, there's a lot of overhead in those sweet transparent screen overlays. Plus, you want just the right level of crappy coffee to keep your customers jacked-up on caffeine and irritable!

In case you need conversation topics, here's Topix! If I knew I could have made a living photoshopping fake animals, that's what I'd be doing right now, but c'est la vie.

These birds are jacked!!!

Ever wonder what the world would be like if humans were replaced with pigeons? And you had to date them? Hatoful Boyfriend is the game that no one asked for, but we all need in times like these!

Turns out that you have to be an avid reddit user to understand this episode. Here's the context for "milk truk just arive". And an article on the state of Japan's video game bars will help provide some additional context.

Tony makes a quick reference to searching "Jeremy-style", which refers to an acquaintance who thought that his search history couldn't be accessed as long as he never typed anything into the search bar. Thus he would find his way to YouTube videos by clicking through the suggested other videos until he found the one he wanted. (So searching via dead reckoning, essentially.) If it were only so...

The bonkers trailer for Mandy is widely available. It really is something.

Tim Allen may have forgotten about his Home Improvement family, but now you'll never forget about him with this Tim Allen Doom mod!

There is only one TV show ever, and this proves it!

We Get All Warm and Fuzzy About New Yorkers in Episode 115!


Finally, we can begin the Hal Sparks cinematic universe

Finally, we can begin the Hal Sparks cinematic universe

We continue our Merry Marvel Movie March with episode 115, in which we discuss Spider-Man 2! Once again, this is one that is vying for best-reviewed Marvel movie so far! Is it better than the first Spider-Man film because Peter Parker's angst is more justified this time around? Or is it those sweet octopus arms, which are arguably more impressive than nuclear fusion?

If you're wondering what the difference is between the extended and theatrical cuts of the film, you can check that out right here. And it turns out that pivotal Hal Sparks scene is different in the original version versus the extended version! Just more Hal Sparks coming at ya!

Oops, we forgot that Aisha Tyler hosted "Talk Soup" for a bit, before it was converted to "The Soup" with Joel McHale. Also, the first host was Greg Kinnear, which we never really brought up but we thought was cool!

The podcasts we talk about in the show are called "U Talkin' U2 To Me?" and "R U Talkin' R.E.M. RE: ME" (all of it is in the same podcast feed). In those shows, Scott and Scott run down everything you need to know about those two bands, including the names of all the members!

We Revisit the Clone Facility in Episode 114!


Turns out sports fans sometimes overreact. Who knew?

Turns out sports fans are superstitious and prone to scapegoating. Who knew?

Hooray, it's Piscopo Day once again and we're celebrating with our newest episode! And we've got a very special guest who's a clone of one of our other guests. It almost seems like too much to pack into one episode. I assure you though, IT IS NOT!

If you are some sort of monster who doesn't have every panel of every Calvin and Hobbes comic memorized, here is what Adam refers to in the episode.

Paul mentions Uma Musume which an anime that chronicles "the story of aspiring Horse Girls". Umm, "aspiring"? So they aren't already horse girls? Then how does one become a horse girl? Is it the result of intense training, or some sort of magical spell...? OR BOTH? I can see why this is so compelling!

Adam's mention of Jet Bradley is from Tron 2.0, so here's a little context. I guess it's short for Jethro, so maybe there are more Jets out there than we thought!

In case you don't know who Wally Pleasant is, here's his homepage.

And when you want Ted Cruz schadenfreude, where better to go than HuffPo?

We (Eventually) Avenge Our Family in Episode 113!


The explosives only took him 3 working days to set up!

The explosives only took him 3 working days to set up!

More MMMM action coming at you with the 2004 smash The Punisher! Wait, did I say smash? I meant we hated it. What was wrong with it? Listen and find out! And don't worry, Spider-Man 2 is up next!

Turns out audiences went for The Bourne Supremacy over Catwoman for some reason... who knew? If only they hadn't come out on the same weekend, presumably all those people who saw Bourne would've watched Catwoman instead and made it a huge success! It's the only possible explanation!

Doug apparently made a jet-ski reference that none of us picked up on. Here's the context, though the advice contained within seems somewhat obvious to me...

Yes, Ben Affleck is keen to dismantle the things that made him famous, including this takedown of Armageddon. Geez, the guy gets ONE Best Picture win and it goes to his head!

We Forget Important Things at Burger King in Episode 112!


This is gonna be an epic road trip!

This is gonna be an epic road trip!

We step out of our wheelhouse with episode 112, which sees us talking about icing, vaping, and other subjects we don't actually know anything about! We also discuss lying to strangers in order to avoid feelings of shame in front of them, which unfortunately IS a situation we're all too familiar with...

You may not remember the hottest frat trend of 2010, but the White House Office of Presidential Personnel does! And while it seems that the Bros Icing Bros website itself only lasted for about 71 days, some people still carry the flame. And fortunately for you, Know Your Meme has you covered. I particularly like the Ice Block, mainly because of the absurdity of frat boys being forced to constantly carry bottles of Smirnoff Ice around with them.

You may not know who Boris Johnson is, but the short version is that he's a former mayor of London who became the UK Foreign Secretary and was pro-Brexit. This link might be more useful; the most surprising thing to me was the correlation with Taylor Swift fans...

Adam's pretty sure this was the story he read about the problems with digital film preservation. He also wanted to make it known that Paul's mention of a "social credit score system" reminded him of this episode of The Orville, as well as this episode of Community. (Yep, it's MeowMeowBeenz; was there really any doubt?)

We Get Angry and Smash Things as Expected in Episode 111!


So do I use the tangent of theta to calculate the force on this lever arm... oh well... HULK SMASH!

So do I use the tangent of theta to calculate the force on this lever arm... oh well... HULK SMASH!

We're back from our reboot with the next installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March with the 2003 film Hulk! It's great to get back to the grind, because we've decided MMMM is part of the "New Canon"! And the summer will NOT be kind to us as far as getting to the end of the March; it'll be hard to keep up, what with all the new Marvel releases!

We mention Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which we already did an episode about! Does that mean we have to review it again? Please say no... [Maybe we can con persuade Kara and Brianne to do that episode instead. –Ed.]

Here's some info on Big Mood. In case you were wondering. Is it clear now?

And here'a a link to the definition of "lampshading", so that everyone understands what it means and Adam never has to explain it again!

We Celebrate a New Canon in Episode 110!


Oh yes, I DID just say that! I'm such a bad little boy!

Oh yes, I DID just say that! I'm such a bad little boy!

Everyone deserves a fresh start now and then... so we present to you episode 110! I assure you it is WILDLY different from previous episodes. For instance, we talk about VIDEO GAMES and MOVIES and CHARLIE SINGS SEVERAL SONGS... well, I guess the more things change the more they stay the same – but this does give us a chance to spruce up the look of the site here and flesh out our back stories!

(Does our site not look radical(ly different) to you? You may need to force a hard refresh!)

We were mostly correct in our assumptions about Steven Spielberg's comments about Netflix, although he is making a broader statement about Hollywood as well. Still, if Spielberg says it, it's news!

In case you were a little lost with our Star Wars references, here's some info on Mara Jade and Luuke Skywalker. But who am I kidding; if you're listening to our show you probably already know who they are!

Adam has talked enough about the Despecialized Editions of Star Wars that we feel like we should now include a link. And yes, it IS a Google doc...

Speaking of fixing things that are broken, here's a way to play the Atari 2600 version of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial in a way that actually ain't half bad!

Good Lord, here is QWOP. It would be frustrating if it weren't so hilarious. Adam's record is currently 3.7 meters. Charlie's is -2.1 meters.

The font in the new header for the website is called "Neon" by Fenotype; credit where credit is due.

We Cruz into the Future in Episode 109!


We've wrestled with this snake long enough, time to move on!

We've wrestled with this snake long enough, time to move on!

We welcome our youngest guest ever in episode 109! You'll have to forgive him for not disclosing his location of origin - if Logan has taught me anything, it's that secret genetic experimentation facilities are secret for a reason! But hopefully his nanny can sneak him out at some point in the future for another visit...

Adam thought about it long and hard, and here are his favorite Ruffles flavors in order from best to worst for you to contemplate!

  • All-Dressed
  • Cheddar & Sour Cream
  • Jalapeño Ranch
  • Sour Cream & Onion
  • Mozzarella 'n Marinara
  • Original
  • Flaming Hot
  • the de-seasoned version of Ruffles, licked off by hand, left to dry in the sun, and then re-crinkled
  • no Ruffles at all
  • Queso

Here's that link to Ted Cruz's Google + Page for those of you who didn't manage to write down the link when listening to the episode!

Trapped in the Closet does need to be at least partially experienced, if only to better appreciate Trapped in the Drive-Thru. And here is a link to that handy-dandy chart that you can use while you are watching these epic hip-hoperas!

Another shout-out to Nathan Rabin's Happy Place and The Weird Accordion to Al, keep doing the good work Mr. Rabin!

We Link Brains with Everyone on Earth in Episode 108!


So I guess we're friends now...? We're not happy about it either.

So I guess we're friends now...? We're not happy about it either.

It's the final episode of Merry Marvel Movie March Madness, our review of X2. We've definitely got a candidate for best Marvel movie so far; will it make the cut?

Adam was looking around for a link to the "Bad Dudes" ending and found this website. That's some old school internet action going on! I'm still holding out hope for an update any day now...

Lucky you, here is Bernard and the Genie on YouTube! Adam would like you to know that it's legitimately one of his favorite Christmas films. Also, Alan Cumming was in GoldenEye, which we somehow failed to mention in the show!

Comic Lady Deathstrike is indeed a cyborg. Doug, unsurprisingly, was correct.

I guess we were wrong about Patty Jenkins not controlling the ending of Wonder Woman, and here is an article detailing her justification of it. We regret the error!

Finally, here's a link to the Cinematic Respect episode where we discuss Solaris!

We Discuss the Value of Sex Scenes in Episode 107!


Box-office tested, Charlie approved

Box-office tested, Charlie approved

Merry Marvel Movie March Madness continues with a special BONUS podcast added to the schedule: the 2003 movie Daredevil! And not only do we discuss the rather maligned theatrical release, but we also take the time to watch the somewhat-less-maligned Director's Cut as well! Lucky us, but more importantly, lucky you!

We had to cut it from the finished podcast for time, but we did do a Merry Marvel Movie March Song-Off for this movie. However, once we realized that the song in question was in fact Fuel's "Won't Back Down" and not actually Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life", we all became much less enthusiastic about the prospect, and we all decided it was at the bottom of our list of songs as a pretty generic nu-metal song. Or, as Paul put it, "You know it's bad when you're like, 'Yeah, I definitely like "Hero" more than this. I definitely prefer Chad Kroeger.'" Maybe as a society we could collectively agree that the Daredevil song should just be "Bring Me to Life" instead?

We briefly mention the existence of Matt Murdock's "twin" brother Mike. Here's a link if you want to learn more about that particular storyline. Or you could just look at the image, that does it justice as well.
From Daredevil #25 (Feb. 1967)

From Daredevil #25 (Feb. 1967)

Oh, and by the way, this is actually Adam writing the blog this time around instead of Charlie. He's off leveling up his Uncle skill, which I think means he can craft nephews out of Dragon Scales now? I'm a bit hazy on the details. But! He still took the time to give us the physics calculation mentioned in the podcast, of how much force it would take for Bullseye to kill Elektra's dad the way we see in the movie! So take it away, Charlie:

So the best way to approach the problem is at the point of impact. We know that the nunchaku enters the body and is still sticking out of the chest when it comes to rest. Therefore, there is full transfer of momentum. The force required to break (not simply crack) a human rib is roughly 3300 lb (14680 N). It's not easy to tell from the footage how long it takes for the nunchaku to come to rest after it enters the body, so we'll just assume it is 0.1 s (we know we are on the right order, since 1 s would be ridiculous, as would 0.01 s). Thus if $$F=\frac{\Delta p}{\Delta t}$$ then we can calculate p [which is momentum] to be 1468 kg m/s.

The weight of a combat nunchaku is (on the high end) about 0.5 kg. I'm increasing this to 5 kg (more than 10 lb, so kind of ridiculous, but...), since it also has metal blades that retract from it, and enough length of metal wire to suspend Ben Affleck from a cathedral roof to about halfway down to the floor. Thus, given $$p=mv$$ then $$v=\frac{p}{m}=293\ \mathrm{m/s}$$

Now we need to know the distance away that Bullseye is from his target. In one particular shot, we see Daredevil about 75 ft from the target. [We can tell this from the lines on the pavement, with each line being 10 ft long and each space in between 30 ft, according to federal standards. –Editor Adam] He then runs at full sprint towards Bullseye for about 9 seconds, at which point he jump-kicks Bullseye off his motorcycle. The motorcycle appears to continue go forward, but it's probably safe to assume Bullseye himself makes little or no forward or backward travel after that point (camerawork here is not particularly revealing). Therefore, he should be at the location at the end of Daredevil's sprint. [Unhelpfully, Daredevil appears to be in the same position on the street at the end of his run as at the beginning - a slight continuity goof. –Ed.] The average speed of Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt during the 100 m dash is 37.58 km/h. We'll assume Daredevil is slower than this (let's say 25 km/h, or 6.94 m/s), since that will decrease the distance to the target and therefore be a more conservative estimate. That also takes into account that the average speed for this 9 s run will be lower than the 10 s or so run for Bolt's 100 m dash, due to the slower start of any dash.

So: $$6.94\ \mathrm{m} \times 9 = 62.46\ \mathrm{m}$$ $$75\ \mathrm{ft} = 22.86\ \mathrm{m}$$ $$22.86 + 62.46 = 85.32\ \mathrm{m}$$ Already we're seeing how ridiculous this is, since the nunchaku at the speed we calculated would travel that distance in less than 0.3 s. I'm assuming the speed at which Bullseye releases the nunchaku is the speed at which it hits the target. This is the speed in the x direction, I'm neglecting the speed in the y direction since the travel time will be small, and the extra energy required to compensate for the nunchaku falling with distance will be trivial compared to the energy required to move at that speed.

Without researching the kinematics of the way the object is thrown or the limitations of the human body, we can say how much energy would be required to throw the nunchaku relative to something else, say, a baseball (148 g). The upper limits of a fastball would be around 100 mph, which is about 45 m/s. $$\frac{1}{2} m_{fastball} v^{2} = \frac{1}{2}\times 0.148 \times (45)^{2} = 149.85\ \mathrm{J}$$ $$\frac{1}{2} m_{nunchaku} v^{2} = \frac{1}{2}\times 5 \times (293)^{2} = 214622\ \mathrm{J}$$ So he would have to expend around 1430 × the energy of a major league pitcher throwing a fastball.

OK, now here's the interesting part. This is all assuming that he broke a rib. This is Bullseye after all, so it's possible he could have hit the intercostal space BETWEEN ribs, in which case the required force would be much smaller. However, the intercostal space between ribs at that location (< 2cm) is actually smaller than the diameter for the average nunchaku (slightly larger than 2 cm). Even so, the intercostal space may have been hit, and the ribs simply moved apart.

At this point, it becomes too complicated for me to figure out in the time frame I have, sorry! Additional factors I haven't considered:

  • Air resistance
  • Force required to penetrate tissue besides bone
  • Reductive force to the nunchaku mid-air due to explosion (the explosion's shockwave is shown going AGAINST the direction of motion, at least in large part [Which makes sense, since the motorcycle skidded past them both. –Ed.])
  • Surface area of the cane, and how pressure relates to force (but the short answer is, the larger the surface area, the less likely to penetrate)

tl:dr; Very improbable, unless Bullseye has the throwing strength of a roided-out Hercules.

We Make a Strong Case Against Sequels in Episode 106!


Not so much thought-provoking as... dumb.

Not so much thought-provoking as... dumb.

We're back with the 12th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March! And it's the start of our Merry Marvel Movie March Madness, meaning March will be filled with Marvel movie goodness! We'll resume non-Marvel things in April, in case Marvel's not your thing for some unfathomable reason.

I don't suppose anyone was really expecting us to rate Men in Black II very highly in episode 106. But that's what you get when you get rid of the best thing about a movie (Patrick Warburton) in the first 10 minutes. Though stick around to the end, since there is a contender for best Merry Marvel Movie March Original Song!

Paul has explained the internet again, and you should watch Dear Stephanie Meyer by Lindsay Ellis on YouTube!

Here's the links to Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) and Hero (again). Remember to play them at faster speeds, the way the artists (should have) intended!

We're Ambivalent About Midnight in Episode 105!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Happy New... oh wait...

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Happy New... oh wait...

Adam decided to celebrate New Year's a little bit late, hence episode 105. Of course, we were all together on Skype for ANOTHER reason, one which will be apparent to you in the coming weeks. But I guess ideas just flow like delicious Welch's Sparking Grape Juice when we're all together, so bang, another episode in the bag!

You should definitely be following us on Twitter... but you should also definitely be following the official account of Moon Pies.

Paul's Saturn V rocket!

Oh no, turns out those rumors about 50 Cent's Bitcoin were just rumors! Also, I just got to use the phrase "50 Cent's Bitcoin"!

Have any ideas for Hollywood Pokemon evolutions? Let us know! Here are some examples:

Beau Bridges >> Jeff Bridges >> Lloyd Bridges

Rob Schneider >> Kevin James >> Adam Sandler

Randy Quaid >> Dennis Quaid >> Skyler Quaid

We're Angstier Than We Remember in Episode 104!


When you're this good an actor, your mirror image is the only scene partner that will do!

When you're this good an actor, your mirror image is the only scene partner that will do!

Welcome back to installment 11 of our Merry Marvel Movie March - this time we review the 2002 blockbuster Spider-Man! Now that we're getting to the middle of this March, it's gonna feel slower. No more huge time jumps; this is actually the second of three movies in 2002 that we're reviewing! And with 7 Marvel movies coming out in 2018, we'll be at this forever. Not to worry, we'll get to Black Panther some time in 2024!

Turns out Bruce Campbell is NOT in every Sam Raimi movie, but he is in a lot. He beats Ted Raimi, surprisingly!

Uncle Ben's killer does not have an official name; he's apparently referred to only as "The Burglar". Except, in some media, he is called Dennis Carradine, but not in the main comics! And in the Sam Raimi movies, he's called...but we'll get to that when we talk about Spider-Man 3.

Adam had meant to bring up that the World Trade Center actually featured in the original trailer, because it was made pre-9/11. It's a specially-filmed trailer, so if you want to see it, here you go.

We Mourn Admiral Snackbar in Episode 103!




Apologies that episode 103 is not exactly "ripped from the headlines". Turns out there is a production schedule and sometimes we can't get these episodes out instantaneously! But we've got a lot lined up for you in 2018, including a special podcast project and perhaps some Merry Marvel Movie March Madness!

Here's a list of the highest points in each of these United States! Delaware is number 49 in terms of elevation; only Florida is lower. I think the only list Florida tops is the list of "Most Frequently Appearing at the Bottom of Lists".

Rotten Tomatoes still has The Last Jedi with a greater than 90% critic score as of this posting. The audience score is quite a bit lower, if you care what rabid internet trolls think.

And the Anakin meme we discuss in the show, if you're interested in the visual form. I always enjoy our audible descriptions better though (I may be in the minority there).

Finally, our list of the Star Wars episodes, from favorite to least favorite.

  • Alex: 5, 4, 2, 6, 7, 1, 8, 3, R1
  • Doug: 5, 4, 3, 6, 8, R1, 2, 7, 1
  • Adam: 5, 4, 6, 8, 3, R1, 7, 1 / 2 (tie)
  • Charlie: 5, 8, 4, 6, 7, R1, 3, 1, 2

We Betray Each Other in Utterly Predictable Ways in Episode 102!


The source of unimaginable power

The source of unimaginable power

We're back from our holiday hiatus with our 10th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, our discussion of Blade II! That means Spider-Man is up next, and we really get into the thick of this Movie March.

Adam put together a quick list of what a DC-related Movie March would look like, which you can access here. That's... a lot of serials. Hopefully they have as much wanton killing as Captain America!

io9 agrees that Blade II is an important Guillermo del Toro work, but they don't agree that it's any good. Well, not everything can be Pan's Labyrinth, so I don't know what they're complaining about. Plus, how could anyone predict that the betrayers would betray the other betrayers or... wait, what was the plot of this movie?

In case you were confused about Paul's Olsen twin reference, here's John Oliver discussing the conspiracy. Every good show has a conspiracy segment these days!

Last updated: December 10, 2018

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