We're Angstier Than We Remember in Episode 104!


When you're this good an actor, your mirror image is the only scene partner that will do!

When you're this good an actor, your mirror image is the only scene partner that will do!

Welcome back to installment 11 of our Merry Marvel Movie March - this time we review the 2002 blockbuster Spider-Man! Now that we're getting to the middle of this March, it's gonna feel slower. No more huge time jumps; this is actually the second of three movies in 2002 that we're reviewing! And with 7 Marvel movies coming out in 2018, we'll be at this forever. Not to worry, we'll get to Black Panther some time in 2024!

Turns out Bruce Campbell is NOT in every Sam Raimi movie, but he is in a lot. He beats Ted Raimi, surprisingly!

Uncle Ben's killer does not have an official name; he's apparently referred to only as "The Burglar". Except, in some media, he is called Dennis Carradine, but not in the main comics! And in the Sam Raimi movies, he's called...but we'll get to that when we talk about Spider-Man 3.

Adam had meant to bring up that the World Trade Center actually featured in the original trailer, because it was made pre-9/11. It's a specially-filmed trailer, so if you want to see it, here you go.

We Mourn Admiral Snackbar in Episode 103!




Apologies that episode 103 is not exactly "ripped from the headlines". Turns out there is a production schedule and sometimes we can't get these episodes out instantaneously! But we've got a lot lined up for you in 2018, including a special podcast project and perhaps some Merry Marvel Movie March Madness!

Here's a list of the highest points in each of these United States! Delaware is number 49 in terms of elevation; only Florida is lower. I think the only list Florida tops is the list of "Most Frequently Appearing at the Bottom of Lists".

Rotten Tomatoes still has The Last Jedi with a greater than 90% critic score as of this posting. The audience score is quite a bit lower, if you care what rabid internet trolls think.

And the Anakin meme we discuss in the show, if you're interested in the visual form. I always enjoy our audible descriptions better though (I may be in the minority there).

Finally, our list of the Star Wars episodes, from favorite to least favorite.

  • Alex: 5, 4, 2, 6, 7, 1, 8, 3, R1
  • Doug: 5, 4, 3, 6, 8, R1, 2, 7, 1
  • Adam: 5, 4, 6, 8, 3, R1, 7, 1 / 2 (tie)
  • Charlie: 5, 8, 4, 6, 7, R1, 3, 1, 2

We Betray Each Other in Utterly Predictable Ways in Episode 102!


The source of unimaginable power

The source of unimaginable power

We're back from our holiday hiatus with our 10th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, our discussion of Blade II! That means Spider-Man is up next, and we really get into the thick of this Movie March.

Adam put together a quick list of what a DC-related Movie March would look like, which you can access here. That's... a lot of serials. Hopefully they have as much wanton killing as Captain America!

io9 agrees that Blade II is an important Guillermo del Toro work, but they don't agree that it's any good. Well, not everything can be Pan's Labyrinth, so I don't know what they're complaining about. Plus, how could anyone predict that the betrayers would betray the other betrayers or... wait, what was the plot of this movie?

In case you were confused about Paul's Olsen twin reference, here's John Oliver discussing the conspiracy. Every good show has a conspiracy segment these days!

We Create the Most Amazing App in Episode 101!




Unfortunately, episode 101 was actually recorded BEFORE episode 100, so you won't be hearing any The Boss Baby references. Although you'll be hearing plenty about boys and daddies, in case you were worried...

As Adam pointed out, the band Right Said Fred is named after a song... which is actually pretty catchy? It's all about taking the time to think about how to approach a problem ahead of time, which is a lesson I think is very useful in this busy universe!

And as I was Googling "right said fred photos" I kept seeing Taylor Swift, and was intrigued. In the interest of letting you know about all of the internet rabbit holes I go down, here's why that is.

So Skylert is still in beta, but there's still some keys available! Unfortunately, we need more Skylers to sign up, and we're all out of keys for the Sky-curious/non-Skylers. We MAY even accept some S'kylers, though we will have to review your application thoroughly. The integrity of the app is important to us, and we think it shows! We've also now realized that the app can help you AVOID Skylers if that's your thing, but we can't imagine those folks would be a large portion of our user base...

We Finally Make It to Episode 💯!


Not featured: Billy Crystal and Frankie Muniz

Not featured: Billy Crystal and Frankie Muniz

We did it everyone, it's episode 💯! We genuinely want to thank everyone for listening and all the guests who have participated over the years. We got together a lot of past guests to record this one over the Thanksgiving weekend and it was a blast. Anyway, enough earnestness!

All right, for all of you who don't know the foods and drinks we're campaigning to bring back, here's a list:

  • OK Soda
  • Kaboom Cereal
  • 3D Doritos
  • Slice
  • Pizzarias
  • dnL
  • Uh-Oh Oreos

    And the Penny Arcade strips we reference as well: 1,2,3

    Tony wasn't lying, he definitely got a reaction out of Miles Teller.

    We've finally made two NEW animated gifs, which we daresay are even better than the Captain America gif. Check them out here and here! And don't forget, The Boss Baby is available on Netflix right now, so you can watch it six times just like Adam!

    And by the way, we actually did all go to Tony's place after the recording and watch Boss Baby. Totally worth it.

  • We Electrocute Toads in Episode 99!


    See, the key to driving is, you've got to do it with one hand while smoking a cigar and looking at the passenger. This is just one of the many lessons I have for you!

    See, the key to driving is, you've got to do it with one hand while smoking a cigar and looking at the passenger. This is just one of the many lessons I have for you!

    We finally kick off the 2000's and the whole comic book movie trend with our review of X-Men, episode 99 and #9 in our Merry Marvel Movie March. While it's perhaps the most transitional of the Marvel films, it's also still pretty entertaining; if you haven't seen it before we recommend you check it out!

    Umm... so... we weren't aware of the allegations against Bryan Singer when we recorded this. We probably would have avoided bringing him up entirely, despite the fact he directed this movie – or at least we might have mentioned the issue in passing. Ah well, just another one of our awkward moments caused by the multiple week delay between recording and posting the episode!

    Doug is slightly wrong when he talks about how other countries refer to "Cool Ranch" Doritos. In the UK, they are called "Cool Original". Doug wonders if this is somehow Brexit-related, but it mostly just bothers me that they don't recognize our country's largest contribution to the snacking world. I'm considering a strongly worded letter, but this blogpost will have to do in the meantime.

    Wait a minute... episode 99...? That means episode 100 is right around the corner!!! Make sure to submit those questions to our Facebook page if you want to hear us talk about something when we record this coming Friday! [There's still time to request that Charlie sing more songs! –Adam]

    We Get Technical in Episode 98!


    Where trolling was born!

    Where trolling was born!

    So AOL Instant Messenger is kaput, and what better way to honor its memory than episode 98? Well, I personally pay tribute by ignoring people's texts on my phone, instead of on my desktop computer. Some things never change!

    This episode also marks the podcast debut of our good friend Dan Hess, who may be the most erudite guest we've had on yet! (Sorry, Alex Baldwin!) As you listen you may notice how much more sophisticated the conversation gets, despite me and Adam's best efforts...

    Wait a minute, episode 98? That means episode 100 is just around the corner! And you can contribute by sending us questions you want answered, via our Facebook page. Our guests will be forced to talk about whatever you choose, so choose wisely!

    We Try to Ice Skate Uphill in Episode 97!


    Maybe they're about to hug it out?

    Maybe they're about to hug it out?

    Our Merry Marvel Movie March returns in episode 97 with our final movie of the 1990s, the 1998 action classic Blade! Join us as we talk about how much ass Wesley Snipes kicks, how Stephen Dorff (and definitely NOT Stephen Root) is forever associated with this role, and just how far CGI effects have come in the last 19 years!

    Tom Breihan over at the AV Club has been choosing the most influential action movie of each year in his feature "A History of Violence". Blade was his pick for 1998, but the entire series of articles is well worth reading, so if you love action movies (and if you don't, hi Amber!), you should absolutely check it out!

    We mention a number of other movies in this episode, including the hilarious New Zealander movie What We Do in the Shadows, the wonderfully bizarre Japanese movie The Rug Cop, and the rather dated American movie Convoy. Wait, Convoy was directed by Sam Peckinpah? That might be the most surprising thing about this -- even more surprising than the fact that trucker movies were apparently a mini-genre in the '70s? The mind boggles!

    Paul mentions visual kei, which is a music genre in Japan featuring flamboyant costumes and glam rock and heavy metal music. Here's some X Japan and Femme Fatale if you want to see it for yourself.

    Paul also brings up the website MenWhoLookLikeKennyRogers.com. The site itself is gone, but it still exists in an archived form! And maybe if we're really lucky, by the time you read this Paul will have created the BladeIRL subreddit for us all to enjoy!

    We Conduct an Actual Interview in Episode 96!


    No no Miranda! Let me mansplain this to you!

    No no Miranda! Let me mansplain this to you!

    We talk to Amber Elby in episode 96, and we must say, her book Cauldron's Bubble was very enjoyable -- Adam and I both recommend you check it out on Amazon! It's going to be a trilogy, so we'll be sure to have her back on the show when the next book drops in 2018.

    This is the Doritos monstrosity that Adam will probably definitely make me eat eventually. You've been warned.

    Also, correction to the "Chipping with Charlie" segment - Frito Lay has bagel chips, including "everything" flavor.

    Adam doesn't think he's read a book predating 1950 for the last 14 years: "It turns out our society keeps creating new works! Too many works, in the case of TV; there's way too much stuff that I'm apparently supposed to keep track of. #rant #yesIrealizethisisvaguelyparadoxicalandIDONTCARE". And this arbitrary restriction only causes him to miss out on ONE Ray Bradbury collection, so no big loss there! [Edit: No, wait, P.G. Wodehouse. Wodehouse predates 1950, and I've definitely read that. Oh, and a bit of G.K. Chesterton. So I guess there's some stuff, but not a lot. -Adam]

    Here's the history of Mexican Coke, and the title takes down hipsters a notch. Who would have thought the Smithsonian was so snarky!

    Finally, here's a link announcing the end of the trivia show Quizbusters that we're talking about in the episode. But sorry, those of you who want to watch us; unfortunately our appearances predate the digital archive.

    We Celebrate 10 Years of Podcasting in Episode 95!


    Less potato and dirt than you'd think!

    Less potato and dirt than you'd think!

    Who better than our good friend and conspirator Alex Clark to help us celebrate a milestone in episode 95? On September 23rd, we managed to hit the 10 year mark! Just think of how many episodes we could have released by now if we hadn't taken that year long break? But let's not think about "what ifs". Let's revel in our good fortune and hope that the world of podcasting is still a thing 10 years from now! Maybe we'll hit episode 150...?

    Please contact us if you want to be our unpaid intern and start the GW Report wiki! Being named Doug not required, but a plus!

    Here's what wikipedia says nougat actually is. Now that I know, I don't want it anymore! It's true what they say, ignorance truly is bliss, especially where candy bars are concerned.

    The phrase A-OK was popularized by astronauts. It was important that Houston knew that they were not referring to Oklahoma, and it is possible that the whole Apollo 13 disaster would have been completely avoided if this abbreviation had been in common use at that time (citation needed).

    Tragedy re: 2 Live Crew, though this happened BEFORE we recorded this podcast, so we can in NO way be held responsible. Legally, I mean. If you're a vindictive person, there's nothing we can actually do to stop you.

    I could have found any article to inform you that our very own Frankie Muniz is now on "Dancing with the Stars", but here's one about how he was probably your teenage crush.

    And for our first and last ever GW Sports Update, the Detroit Lions are now 2-1! They've already exceeded MY expectations, it's all gravy from here on out!

    We Rage Against an Entire Species in Episode 94!


    Let the marathon begin!

    Let the marathon begin!

    We're joined by "very" "special" "guests" Nancy and Anne Wilson of the band Heart in episode 94. How do we keep getting all of these "stars" to be on our podcast? Just dumb luck I guess, they keep stopping by unannounced!

    Reportedly a huge influence on the latter works of Heart, here's a link to some info on the band Flippity Flop Doo Doo Man, although they haven't updated their MySpace page in almost 10 years...

    Every once in a while, the universe conspires to let you know your art is worthwhile (i.e. this podcast). For me, it's this info on JoBeth Williams' most recent film.

    Whichever member of Heart couldn't figure out which version of Picture Perfect we were talking about can be forgiven. Only two years apart!

    In case you were wondering whether this episode is appropriate for children: No it is not.

    Here's that Gandhi II video that's sure to get you children into trouble at school.

    And a link to Nathan Rabin's website. I submit that it is more entertaining and edifying than the previous links so far.

    Wait, maybe this Ducktales one is better... hard to say.

    OK, OK, almost done with the links. Here's the website that Roger Ebert's book came from - also a great read.

    Finally, Bob Ross performing an exorcism.

    We Forget Everything in Episode 93!


    A CGI alien holding a puppet, will wonders never cease?

    A CGI alien holding a puppet, will wonders never cease?

    Join us yet again for our Merry Marvel Movie March when we review the extremely watchable Men in Black. It holds up, but does it have the best Marvel Movie Song? It's got a lot of competition!

    I think we can all agree that Wings lives on in the collective pop culture conciousness. Who could forget Tony Shaloub as Antonio Scarpacci? Or Thomas Haden Church as Lowell? Or... Roy? Yeah, I think there was a guy named Roy... Well, look in the near future for our Wings podcast, where we are sure to list every single character.

    And JNCOs! Apparently, this article Adam mentioned was not an article at all, but just a picture. Who reads articles anyway?

    It looks as if there is no 21 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover in the works. Besides being a mind-bendingly strange idea, it's apparently "too high stakes". Hmmm.

    And a special treat! Adam has transcribed ALL of the lyrics to Ivan Neville's hit from Captain America, "Home of the Brave". Here it is, so that you don't have to rewatch the YouTube video yourself.


    Liberty and justice
    Every free man's point of view
    You gotta keep it goin' now
    The old red, white, and blue

    Sound the bells of freedom
    Let all the people say
    Send a message loud and clear
    A beast to beat 'em with [Maybe? This line's really hard to decipher]

    Home of the brave
    Home of the brave
    Pray to God that we will save
    The home of the brave

    All the decorations
    For which this country stands
    Will echo through the canyon
    And all over this great land

    We got to stand together now
    This feeling'll never die
    The stars and stripes forever
    Let's keep 'em flyin' high

    Home of the brave
    Home of the brave
    I pray to God that He will save
    The home of the brave

    Home of the brave
    Home of the brave
    I pray to God that He will save
    The home of the brave

    Home of the brave
    Home of the brave
    I pray to God that we will save
    The home of the brave

    We Make Everything Dumb in Episode 92!


    Salisbury steak...? Oh well, probably better than

    Salisbury steak...? Oh well, probably better than "Boss Baby" anyway!

    I want to start out by saying that episode 92 was recorded before the untimely death of Chester Bennington. So, I wouldn't say our "Sing A Song About It" segment is an homage, so much as... an unfortunate coincidence. Try to enjoy it as least as much as Charlie enjoyed singing it anyway!

    Here's a little background on Nathan Fielder, which provided the inspiration for our own Redbox-inspired product. We HIGHLY recommend his show, which actually is absurdist and doesn't usually insult the participants as much as you would think. But is it as absurdist as Tim and Eric? I don't think so.

    We encourage you to come up with your own "y-infused" names such as Yynnyfyr. Adam pointed out that they all invariably sound like Viking names. And that's totally cool! Just submit them via Twitter @gwreport and we'll read them on air. Or maybe try @gwrypyrt, see if that works.

    We Discuss a Classic of Almost-Cinema in Episode 91!


    I can't believe this movie was low budget!

    I can't believe this movie was low budget!

    The March continues in episode 91, as we tackle the legendarily unreleased Fantastic Four movie. Is it really as bad as its reputation suggests? You'll have to listen to the episode to find out but, spoiler alert, no, not really. It is very low budget though, so you can sort of see Marvel's point of view.

    Last July we noted how infrequently we release episodes in July. And yet this year we've given you THREE episodes this month -- a feat we've only accomplished once before, back in October 2007! And I'm not sure those even count! Apparently this "every two weeks" schedule is really working out!

    Here's that link to the GIF-free Buzzfeed page we talk about. Journalism at its finest!

    And Adam would like you to know that his Doctor Who blog is back for the next three weeks! You owe it to yourself to check it out!

    Adam Regales Us with His Amazing Travel Tale in Episode 90!


    I didn't make it this episode, maybe next time!

    I didn't make it this episode, maybe next time!

    Sorry if our episode backlog shows in episode 90 (an "upcoming" Piscopo Day is mentioned). Still, you should be happy that there are plenty more episodes coming up uninterrupted! This week, Adam tells us about some mishaps he had coming back from a trip to a conference out east. He may not have a medical degree, but sometimes a well-placed puff of fresh air can make the difference between success and disaster! Also, the paramedics helped out that lady a bit as well.

    For the time being, you can't get two of the same flavor scoops of ice cream at Ben and Jerry's in Australia. Similar scoops now available in Germany though, presumably!

    Adam was right; Despicable Me beat out Baby Driver at the box office. Are we really surprised though? Who wants to see wonderfully choreographed car chases when you can watch amorphous yellow blobs spout nonsense to each other?

    Adam's actual opinion of Baby Driver (which I for the most part share): Decent but not great. Probably therefore Edgar Wright's weakest film, in my opinion. (Acknowledging I've never seen his first film, so maybe that's worse.) But overall, I still recommend seeing it (in the theater)! Adam recommends Spider-Man: Homecoming instead.

    And more breaking news! Peter Capaldi is stepping down as the twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who, and his replacement was just announced yesterday! Click here to find out who, although I'd be a bit impressed if you'd managed to miss it. Even the New York Times covered it, and Doctor Who news is usually beneath them.

    We Get Patriotic in Episode 89!


    Aww, are you trying to choke me? That's cute!

    Aww, are you trying to choke me? That's cute!

    What better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than with a review of the 1990 movie Captain America? Maybe the 2011 Captain America movie? Well, that's for much later, so this one will have to do!

    Here's that Mitchell and Webb sketch about the Nazis, which teaches us that introspection is always worthwhile, no matter the situation.

    And finally, the Tom Cruise and Nic Cage supercuts we reference, for your viewing pleasure.

    Talkin' About Our Favorite Joe in Episode 88!


    Gettin' ready for a birthday celebration!

    Gettin' ready for a birthday celebration!

    Once again it's time to celebrate Joe Piscopo Day in episode 88! We discuss some of our birthday haul, as well a brand-new segment called "Chippin' with Charlie"! And does the man himself stop by to discuss ponies and cruise ships? You'll have to listen to find out!

    And while Mr. Piscopo himself may have ultimately decided not to run for governor of New Jersey, that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate his career with-- wait, is this really the best sketch we could find? I guess you'll have to do some of the work on your own this year...

    Concerned about the fact that "Happy Birthday" being in the public domain means we won't get to hear those off-brand restaurant versions any more? You're not the only one!

    And if you have $200 just burning a hole in your pocket, you might want to consider spending it on some sweet Star Trek model ships.

    Oh, and this just in: Star Trek: Discovery has a premiere date!!

    We Kill All The Ninjas in Episode 87!


    Mercifully, onty the top two-thirds

    Mercifully, only the top two-thirds

    Once again, we are back at it in episode 87 with our Merry Marvel Movie March (here's the list!), reviewing the 1989 film The Punisher starring the one and only Dolph Lundgren! It's actually the second time Adam and I have seen it, and it was BETTER this time around. Imagine that!

    Adam makes reference to a superhero group that was sarcastically proposed by Dwayne McDuffie; here's an article about that if you want to know more. Also another about the time the Punisher became temporarily black. Yeah, that really happened...

    Wait, which Korea are we supposed to like as US citizens? I dunno, I guess we'd better go with Best Korea per Doug's suggestion! I can't be bothered to check, but sounds right to me!

    We DON'T Hate On the Prequels in Episode 86!


    We've got some stories for you in this episode!

    We've got some stories for you in this episode!

    Everybody bust out the Prequel Memes, it's time for the 40th anniversary of the premiere of Star Wars on May 25th, and we're celebrating by revealing our own Star Wars history in episode 86. It's hard to believe it's already been 40 years! Oh wait, no it's not, since it has existed longer than I have. Oh well, I always relish the opportunity to acknowledge arbitrary passages of time!

    Yes, yes, we bag a bit on "The Big Bang Theory" in this episode. So now we'll be hated by people who love the show, and hipsters who think hating the show is "so 2008". Anyway, here's what the show is like in my head whenever I watch it.

    If you've been listening to our podcast at all recently, you should know why this YouTube video pretty much encapsulates everything we stand for.

    If you liked Paul's little rendition of Meco's Star Wars Theme, here's the original. I like Paul's beat-box version better though.

    Now there is a trailer for Star Trek Discovery for you to enjoy as well. So many links this week!!

    And last but not least, the Rebel Assault II: Mystery Science Theater 1138 videos Adam was mentioning.

    We Get All the Great Bits in Episode 85!


    They didn't actually eat there.

    They didn't actually eat there.

    I regret to say I have never attended a Shenaniganza. Listening to it being described in episode 85 is an experience unto itself. There's a whole world of memes, bits and, well, shenanigans that you and I will never know firsthand. But some mysteries are better left hidden I suppose.

    We've got some more Merry Marvel Movie March episodes coming up. Why not refamiliarize yourself with what we've done so far? Check out the Podcasts page if you really feel that hearing about Howard the Duck and the 1944 Captain America serial will help prepare you for The Punisher (1989).

    Ooh, were you confused about the Dennis Quaid mouth open reference? Do you want to see it? You are a very strange person.

    And though we can't possibly link to every meme mentioned, here's one you should be familiar with.

    We Kick Off the Antics in Episode 84!


     At least some of the Rock N' Rye survived!

    At least some of the Rock N' Rye survived!

    Apparently there's no better time to go on vacation than mid-March, it seems, as episode 84 makes clear. And Tony and Paul had only just arrived in Phoenix for their third annual Shenaniganza and were already full of upsetting-yet-hilarious stories! Enjoy a hilarious late-night episode fueled by caffeine, adrenline, and pure distilled rage!

    (And don't worry, next episode will be a detailed breakdown of everything that happened during Shenanibananaganza itself.)

    And if you can't get enough of the hits of John "Smash" Mouth, here's a mash-up to tide you over.

    And don't despair! Our Merry Marvel Movie March will continue soon! Did I bring this up just to use this GIF again? Yes, but also to let you know that Adam has made up a list of all the movies we have to look forward to! Apparently they do eventually get better...

    We Talk Board Game Theory in Episode 83!


    Seriously considering quitting my job to make board games... or just play them... or look at them...

    Seriously considering quitting my job to make board games... or just play them... or look at them...

    It's amazing that we've made it through 83 episodes without devoting an entire episode to board games, but here it is! I'm glad to know that Cards Against Humanity is the great common denominator for all board game geeks. Or maybe it's Catan? Eh, either way.

    Do you think you have the qualifications to be the next CEO for Cards Against Humanity? How do you stack up?

    Our guest for Episode 83 is Jessica Klaers, the co-host of our new podcast Cinematic Respect. Each episode centers on a guest who is a cultural moron and hasn't seen a great film. Much like Quantum Leap's Sam Beckett, we keep "trying to right what once went wrong" and forcing them to enjoy that movie. If you like movies, or you like Charlie, or you're willing to listen to a podcast despite not liking both those things, you'll love it!

    BREAKING NEWS! Because you NEED to know about this!

    Here's a little context for Adam's "David Frye" reference.

    And that Battleblock Theater reference you may not have understood.

    We Exhaustively Count Plants in Episode 82!


    Endless counting fun

    Endless counting fun

    With the combined brain power of our guests, you'd think that we would have at least attempted a trip to an "escape room" at some point. Not so! But Brianne and Adam had a chance and told us about it in Episode 82. As we discussed, we thought of some clever, artsy escape rooms that would teach you an important lesson about life. Here's a few more I've thought of since.

    • You are stuck in the room until you have a 45 minute forced conversation with a very lonely and bored Regis Philbin!
    • Each participant is locked in a different management office and can't escape until it is "spotless, and please do the windows as well."
    • When you complete the escape room, all staff has vanished, as well as any belongings you've left outside the room!

    Oh, and some very unfortunate news about Hiddleswift. Is there no romance in the world anymore? And this happened in September, why did none of you tell me??

    A Conspiracy Hits Close to Home in Episode 81!


    Can you believe we are already 18 years AST? Time flies!

    Can you believe we are already 18 years AST? Time flies!

    Usually we do our "Conspiracy Corner" segment in an aloof way, but this time it has personal meaning in Episode 81. I briefly considered that maybe I had a secret admirer, sending me obscure DVD flops, but that theory quickly paved the way for more... SINISTER possibilities. Also in this episode, we talk about the movie "Pixels" more than you would expect.

    So you think Obama is a nerd? Well, not the type of nerd who is familiar with "Dune"! John Hodgman put him to the test way back in 2009 and he disappointed the whole nation. It's Shai-Hulud, Mr. President. SMH so hard.

    Oh, in case you want Gobeski-level productivity, here is a link to the Star Trek Voyager bridge background which you can use to annoy your coworkers! And that "La La Land" article in which they prove that Emma Stone's character DESERVED to be a failure.

    We Break the Ice in Episode 80!


    Shot number 37 of 50

    Shot number 37 of 50

    Episode 80 takes place in Arizona, but don't worry - we talk at length about off-track betting. And fun times were had by all! We played the highest scoring game of mini-golf ever, played several awesome board games and I only got really sick after I left! (There may be a couple sniffles left in the recording, this is my method of apologizing for that.)

    We've reached the milestone of 80 episodes, which means we've released more episodes than the original Star Trek TV series. Yet amazingly, I think this may be the very first time we discuss "American Gladiators" on the podcast. Here's a list of gladiators in case you've forgotten. Luckily, Liquid Cold Magma isn't taken yet!

    And here's a link to a clip from The Drew Carey Show. It's what Alex thinks of my "Sing a Song About It" attempts in general. He's got a point.

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