Episode 268 - Pilk Water

Airdate: 5/7/2024       Length: 52:39

TAYLOR SWIFT RELEASED A NEW ALBUM and it's FINE!!! Most of us have at least half-listened to it and demand that you hear us out. Doug tries old Mr. Beast and new Mr. Beast bars. And have you ever wondered how Keanu Reeves would taste in liquid form?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 267 - SFS #10: Dark Star

Airdate: 4/22/2024       Length: 1:01:00

We're back with the Sci-Fi Shuffle and Doug has chosen a rather scrappy entry - the 1975 space-workplace-comedy-sorta-student-film Dark Star! It's one of John Carpenter's first film credits and definitely the first to be hampered by notes from executives. It's also a film that begs all the important questions, such as: does a bomb respond to phenomenology? How long is TOO long to be stuck in an elevator shaft? And just how ARE those Dodgers doing?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd, Dan Hess, Paul Wilcox

Episode 266 - A Pleasant and Well-Nourished Individual

Airdate: 4/8/2024       Length: 43:57

We've recount life events that require 6-8 weeks to resolve. Charlie breaks his house and himself. Adam's hair gel goes missing. Doug may require vengeance. Charlie thinks Doug tricked him into eating chips, but he really just tricked himself.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 265 - MMMM #78: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Airdate: 3/26/2024       Length: 1:28:32

We've got Double Madness coming at you this week! For our final installment of Merry Marvel Movie March Madness this year, we're talking about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! We disagree on just about everything in this movie: the music, the plot, the makeup, and the character arcs! There's only one thing we find consensus on - it's really weird that Michael Stuhlbarg is in this movie.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 264 - MMMM #77: Morbius

Airdate: 3/11/2024       Length: 1:21:27

We finally reach the zenith of the Merry Marvel Movie March with the box office and critical success: "Morbius"! All kidding aside... well no, this episode is basically all kidding. But if you want an in-depth critical analysis of "Morbius", this is probably the closest you're going to get. We never said it would be easy!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wiicox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 263 - SFS #9: Teenagers from Outer Space

Airdate: 2/26/2024       Length: 55:06

Kevin decided the movies we have been watching for our Sci-Fi Shuffle have been too GOOD, so he chose 1959's Teenagers from Outer Space for this episode. It has us immediately asking the question: where is all the delinquency we were promised? And why would a pile of bleached bones automatically imply murder? Plus, should every movie essentially have the actors reading the stage direction? Paul thinks so!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wiicox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 262 - Hey Tony

Airdate: 2/11/2024       Length: 55:37

We didn't mean for this episode to be about Tony Huff specifically... but here we go! The man himself talks about Gen-Z lingo, pleather zaddies, and out-of-body trivia experiences. Also, he yells at his poor dog (though only once, to be fair).

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 261 - SFS #8: Junk Head

Airdate: 1/29/2024       Length: 1:00:18

This time on the Sci-Fi Shuffle, Paul chooses/recommends/subjects us to the 2021 stop-motion film Junk Head. Despite the post-post-apocalyptic setting, weird tumor foods, and penis monsters, it's actually... pretty darn funny? We talk about the trials and tribulations of making a stop-motion film all by yourself, and Kevin turns in a surprising verdict.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 260 - Honestly It's Fine

Airdate: 1/15/2024       Length: 1:00:08

It's the Annual Recounting of the Gifts, but we won't know until next December whether we got what we asked for - which is an uneventful 2024! We go through some New Year's resolutions, most of which lack ambition (the way we like it!). We also talk a bit about our love languages, and how to get Adam to take part in literally any theatrical performance.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 259 - MMMM #76: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Airdate: 1/1/2024       Length: 1:15:45

The Merry Marvel Movie March reviews the 2021 film Spider-Man: No Way Home and is forced to reckon with past Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?). We enjoy revisiting the characters that show up in cameos. But is it possible that you're reading this and are worried about spoilers? It's not like you were wandering around Bookman's several months after the movie's release. Getting spoilers in THAT situation would be unconscionable! Also, in his best efforts to emulate Charlie, Kevin complains about a movie that he loves.

Guests: Kevin Vredevoogd, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Passing Away the Time Episode 398 - "The Real Ghostbusters 1.13: Xmas Marks the Spot"

Airdate: 12/25/2023       Length: 34:48

For this year's special holiday episode, Vic and the team visit the storied Frandon House, site of innumerable murders and, apparently, Rihanna's ghost. Several of the team go missing, though unfortunately none of them is Kyler. They ostensibly discuss the thirteenth episode of "The Real Ghostbusters", but are interrupted by one (and only one!) Christmas-related spirit!

Guests: Jake Marley

Episode 257 - Caretaker of the Pipes

Airdate: 12/4/2023       Length: 39:05

Unlike Charlie, when Adam has GI issues the tape keeps rolling! Paul, Kevin, and Doug have to keep the podcast going by talking about Scavengers Reign. Paul owns a home, or maybe just watches over the plumbing. And just because Charlie does a taste test doesn't mean anyone has to listen!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 256 - The 1st Annual Gobeski/Wallace Report Summit

Airdate: 11/21/2023       Length: 41:32

Give us an empty stage and a digital platform and we'll solve the world's problems! Welcome to the First Annual Gobeski/Wallace Report Summit, where the world's biggest heads collide in what can only be described as "synergistic misanthropy". We've got a space man, a cave man, a snack man, and a weather man together for probably the first time ever. They've got ideas and the money to implement them, so get out of the way and invest what little money you have into natural caverns!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 255 - SFS #7: Demolition Man

Airdate: 11/7/2023       Length: 1:01:00

Our Sci-Fi Shuffle has yet to visit a silly action movie - until now! This time, we discuss the 1993 Sylvester Stallone/Wesley Snipes/Sandra Bullock/Glenn Shadix vehicle Demolition Man. Finally, a well-lit and only marginally dystopian future! Find out whether Kevin found the action banter to be Commando-worthy. And did Charlie miss key plot reveals because he was too engrossed in the action, or because he doesn't know how to watch movies?

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 254 - Aviation in the News

Airdate: 10/23/2023       Length: 49:05

It seems that passengers are finding new ways to make air travel miserable and just nasty overall. That's where our guests come in! They share their idea for a new "Wings" series with some very special guests. It's a topical look at the trials and tribulations of small-charter airline pilots with gastrointestinal distress. Coming to a streaming service soon (no pun intended)!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd, Alex Clark

Episode 253 - MMMM #75: Eternals

Airdate: 10/9/2023       Length: 1:18:41

We finally get around to our Merry Marvel Movie March again and talk about the 2021 pandemic-adjacent film "Eternals". We discuss our favorite of the large number of characters, and how we'd have felt if this had had any cameos from ANY previous Marvel characters (it doesn't). We imagine an alternate reality where this somehow influences future MCU phases, while Doug gets angry that cinematography standards have been raised. How do we feel about Harry Styles these days? And who is the Black Knight? These are things we are forced to ponder in the final moments of the movie!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd, Tony Huff

Episode 252 - Reuben Double Dare

Airdate: 9/25/2023       Length: 45:07

Until this week, we had no idea how many ways you could die by food. There's the obvious method of the One Chip Challenge. But you could also order from a poorly executed ghost kitchen. And perhaps most devastating of all - drowning in Thousand Island dressing!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd, Alex Clark

Episode 251 - Hole Digging

Airdate: 9/11/2023       Length: 51:20

Despite no one coming with a single topic, we manage to keep the conversation going by talking about... holes. And soil types! And construction, storms and elaborate work pranks that will help you NOT get fired!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 250 - I Waited 250 Episodes For This?

Airdate: 8/28/2023       Length: 47:04

Yes, Charlie has work stories and they involve SOUP. So we're really bringing out the big guns for episode 250. But seriously - this episode has some boring, boring topics from Charlie. Can Adam and Paul liven things up? Plus Doug eats some chips.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 249 - SFS #6: Scanners

Airdate: 8/14/2023       Length: 44:49

The Sci-Fi Shuffle keeps on barrelling along, and this time Charlie has chosen the 1981 David Cronenberg film Scanners. We were promised head explosions, and we got exactly one. But what an explosion it was! Additionally, some things blow up that we weren't really expecting. Was there too much body horror for Kevin, or just enough? And who leaves nearly a full hotdog unattended at a food court??

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 248 - Birthday Recollections

Airdate: 7/31/2023       Length: 43:48

We all have a bit of trouble recalling what happened on our birthdays, but I suppose that's what comes with age. Children, however, can remember every little scribble and hastily arranged art project they've made, so you'd better save every single one! We taste some churro Kit Kats and Doug goes above and beyond in the name of science. An extremely non-ominous event is discussed as well as an apparently embarrassing present that Adam buys for himself.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 247 - Sci-Fi Shuffle #5: Prospect

Airdate: 7/17/2023       Length: 1:01:31

We're shuffling that sci-fi bag again and Dan Hess picked the 2018 space yarn Prospect. No one has seen it, so no one knows what to expect (or who will die first). We spend an inordinate amount of time talking about things the movie deliberately did not explain. Most importantly: what counts as "meat"?

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Dan Hess

Episode 246 - Concert-ed Efforts

Airdate: 7/3/2023       Length: 51:11

On the eve of Adam and Doug's first concert since COVID, we reminisce about other shows we've been to. Paul finds most concert-going to be a stressful event, while Charlie refuses to drive more than a couple hours to see anyone perform. We also mention a bunch of bands no one's thought about in the last ten years. So, pretty much a standard episode, then.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 245 - Piscopo's Dessert Slop Pots

Airdate: 6/19/2023       Length: 54:08

Birthdays abound in June, with none more important than that of our dear friend Joe Piscopo, who is back on the podcast! We premiere a new segment: Joe Knows Chocolate. Joe is also forced to reprise his role in an SNL sketch written in the 1980s, and a similar one written this week (sort of). On a completely related note, Charlie is no longer allowed to use ChatGPT while recording the podcast.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 244 - MMMM #74: Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Airdate: 6/5/2023       Length: 58:39

You know how they say "Be careful what you wish for"? Well, installment 74 of our Merry Marvel Movie March is a review of the movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which doubles down on the buddy comedy vibes from the first film. And now we wish it were a full-on romcom! Are we being fickle, or has the franchise just not found its footing? We're holding out hope for Venom 3, but box office numbers suggest the smart money is in staying the course.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 243 - Frasier Civilization

Airdate: 5/22/2023       Length: 1:07:58

Normally we'd say this episode is about thermostat repair, condiment-flavored chip taste tests, and old-school adventure video games. But who are we kidding? This is really an unofficial free-form I Think You Should Leave recap podcast.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 242 - Sci-Fi Shuffle #4: Source Code

Airdate: 5/8/2023       Length: 1:06:10

The Sci-Fi Shuffle is back without a "thinky" movie this time (except we overthink it anyway) as we discuss the 2011 film Source Code! We talk time loop movies, infinite Jakes, and energy drinks. It's the movie that dares to ask the question: would you rather be blown up in a train or pretend to be a high school teacher for the rest of your life? One of cinema's classic conundrums!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Dan Hess

Episode 241 - Wolfsmarine Rides Again

Airdate: 4/24/2023       Length: 42:55

It seems our favorite movie star Q Jackson is still alive (for now) and we welcome him to the show. He reveals the perpetual audition process for the Wolfsmarine franchise, how he comes up with all those snappy one-liners, and a little bit about "Van Life". Kevin isn't familiar with any of this, but agrees that it's all above-board.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 240 - Getting Things Off Our Chest

Airdate: 4/10/2023       Length: 50:12

This time, Charlie actually brought the topics - but only once Adam reminds him. We talk Southwest adventures, house pest hijinks, and elaborate time-travel conspiracies. But don't worry - nothing here requires immediate action! Just go about your normal life and await the plague of squirrels.

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 239 - MMMM #73: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Airdate: 3/27/2023       Length: 1:07:15

We're ending Merry Marvel Movie March Madness this year with the 2021 martial arts film "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings". It has a lot of fighting (great!) and some CGI dragons (not so great!). Does this film have the best performances in the March so far? And did Adam enjoy it more when he didn't fear the throngs of movie-goers around him would give him COVID? All this and much more in installment 73 of the March!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Jessie Huang-Vredevoogd, Kevin Vredevoogd, Tony Huff

Episode 238 - MMMM #72: Black Widow

Airdate: 3/13/2023       Length: 1:22:12

In installment 72 of our Merry Marvel Movie March, we kick off Phase 4 of the MCU with a throwback to Phase 3 - Black Widow! Were audiences ready to head back to theatres, or did they stay home and pay extra on Disney+? In any case, Doug hasn't seen a movie in theaters since. But it's got some great comedic performances and mind-controlled pigs. So a little something for everyone!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Brianne Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 237 - Sci-Fi Shuffle #3: Fantastic Planet

Airdate: 2/27/2023       Length: 1:01:52

If you were worried we wouldn't do another movie discussion, rest easy! It's episode 3 of our Sci-Fi Shuffle, and we talk about the French/Czech animated film "Fantastic Planet". We wonder how much of what the aliens and humans do is just weird sex stuff. How much less intelligible would the film be without narration? And Kevin is willing to be deeply unsettled for the sake of the podcast (more than usual, that is).

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 236 - Wilcox Pizza Hut Time

Airdate: 2/13/2023       Length: 59:39

The newest incarnations of AI-generated content are terrifying... and intriguing! It's possible this entire episode was created by an AI podcast generator. It's certainly topical enough! Hopefully, Jimmy Carter is still milling about when this episode is released - episode 236 is dedicated to him!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 235 - Sci-Fi Shuffle #2: Arrival

Airdate: 1/30/2023       Length: 1:23:07

Installment 2 of our Sci-Fi Shuffle has Kevin suggesting the 2016 "thinky" film Arrival. We spend a good amount of time talking about philosophy (armchair expertise), linguistics (actual expertise), and the nature of time (pure speculation). Paul doesn't buy any of our explanations, so cue Doug with a theory that's even crazier than what the movie lays out.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 234 - Resolving Your Problems

Airdate: 1/16/2023       Length: 1:03:54

It's post-Christmas again, which means it's time once more for the Recounting of the Gifts – but first Adam has a New Year's resolution for everyone but himself. Most of us get gifts related to a very specific franchise, while Doug may or may not be doing a bit. And we have many, many taste tests!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 233 - Sci-Fi Shuffle #1: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Airdate: 1/2/2023       Length: 1:42:15

In our inaugural episode of Sci-Fi Shuffle, we discuss the movie often regarded as the best SF film of all time: 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sure, it may be our longest episode yet, but a movie like this one deserves it! Plus we settle the question once and for all: just how big IS that space baby?

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 232 - Scamming Santa: A Christmas Improv

Airdate: 12/19/2022       Length: 38:53

Santa (Claus) is made an offer he can't refuse, even though he is given ample opportunity, while Rude Elf's words fall on deaf ears, as usual. Frankie enlists the ghost of Margaret Thatcher to demonstrate his most recent business venture. In other words, a typical Christmas podcast, presented by the GW Report.

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 231 - Kohl's Cash

Airdate: 12/5/2022       Length: 1:07:31

Tony is in Arizona, and what results is possibly the most delicious taste test ever on the show! But first, a different taste test. Plus we talk about Kohl's Cash scams and scammers.

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 230 - The Munizverse Reloaded

Airdate: 11/21/2022       Length: 37:38

Our very own Frankie Muniz is back on the show, or at least his corporeal form. It's not clear whether he's in the Meatverse or one of the 25 known levels of the Munizverse. Since that doesn't really matter, we talk about cryptocurrency, new social media platforms, and oil - pools and pools of oil!

Guests: Alex Clark, Paul Wilcox

Episode 229 - MMMM Appendix A1: Red Sonja

Airdate: 11/7/2022       Length: 1:12:12

After we reviewed all those Marvel movies we review another Marvel movie... sorta? Welcome to the first entry in our Merry Marvel Movie March Appendix: the 1985 fantasy film "Red Sonja". It's got everything: beheadings, wizards, horny swordfights, and an expensive sea serpent. Everyone agrees that it's a departure from the types of films we've been watching, but not everyone agrees that that makes it worth seeing.

Guests: Kevin Vredevoogd, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 228 - All About Churros

Airdate: 10/24/2022       Length: 58:10

We argue a lot about what the episode is supposed to be about, but ultimately land on churros. And why not? They're delicious and sometimes filled with toppings... including meat and cheese? Maybe we don't know what a churro actually is. But we do know chips! We've even dug a hole in our backyard for them. Huh, maybe we're confused about that too.

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Kara Hulce

Episode 227 - Sci-Fi Swole

Airdate: 10/10/2022       Length: 46:31

Who needs guests? Certainly not us! Besides, that gives us the opportunity to make sweeping changes to the format without any griping. Sing-a-song every episode? Check! "Alien" vs "Predator" vs "Alien vs Predator" March? Check! Everyone present must plank the whole episode? Check! Time to get those abs and shoulders ready!

Guests: None!

Episode 225 - A Quindecennial Celebration on the Quasquibicentennial Episode

Airdate: 9/26/2022       Length: 1:06:18

"They" said we'd never make it to episode 225 or last for 15 years, and they were wrong AS ALWAYS! To celebrate, we reminisce about our favorite segments, moments and bits. Adam and Tony recount a mini-Shenaniganza. Plus, we talk about TV shows that time forgot!

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 226 - Freedom Meals

Airdate: 9/12/2022       Length: 42:36

How do you know you're out in the world on your own? By creating a freedom meal! Tony relates an anime emergency, while Charlie pays penance for not doing his homework in the worst way imaginable.

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 224 - The Merry Marvel Movie March Module Mono Memorial

Airdate: 8/29/2022       Length: 47:03

Who knew that back in 2016 we'd make it to this point in the Merry Marvel Movie March? The gang take a look back over the last 5½ years to contemplate the March thus far. Do we have favorite moments? Regrets? And just how has the March improved our daily lives and our position in society?

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 223 - MMMM #71: The New Mutants

Airdate: 8/15/2022       Length: 1:10:44

We finally cap off Module 1 of our Merry Marvel Movie March by reviewing the only movie guaranteed to give you COVID – the 2020 release The New Mutants. We discuss its similarity to a certain Stephen King adaptation from around the same time, and we try to imagine alternate-universe scenarios where this movie might have actually worked. Also: minor miners.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 222 - Tags on the Twos

Airdate: 8/2/2022       Length: 1:14:24

Adam insisted that a tag show was necessary for Episode 222, for some reason numbers' sake. So here it is, three episodes earlier than scheduled! You will hear taste tests, a sing-a-song, and a lengthy explanation of NFTs. But don't let that deter you - we think you'll enjoy it!

Guests: Alex Clark, Kyle Erickson, Brianne Gobeski, Doug Gobeski, Dan Hess, Tony Huff, Kevin Vredevoogd, Paul Wilcox

Episode 221 - MMMM #70: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Airdate: 7/18/2022       Length: 1:01:57

We cap off Phase 3 of the MCU with the 2019 summer blockbuster Spider-Man: Far From Home! We're pleasantly surprised to actually be in Europe this time instead of yet another Georgia location pretending to be New York. We also discuss whether we were expecting that plot twist (you know the one). And Charlie is annoyed by a shield yet again.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 220 - Shenanifortyza Part One: Shenanicabinza

Airdate: 7/4/2022       Length: 1:09:07

Another Shenaniganza and not everyone escapes unscathed. COVID scares abound, potential wildfires rage, and attempted poisonings are foiled: this may be the most dangerous get-together yet! And Paul imagines getting a bunch of kids to open a container full of poo.

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 219 - Piscopo Day: Crimewatch

Airdate: 6/21/2022       Length: 1:05:22

Another year, another Piscopony! It's Joe Piscopo Day again, and voting gets heated as usual. We inform the public about those that have legally wronged Joe Piscopo, and our annual SNL sketch reading has the most dated references yet but may also be the most coherent.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 218 - Misguided Hot Takes

Airdate: 6/6/2022       Length: 51:50

We've got an ice-cream-sandwich of a podcast this week, as we start and end by talking about ice cream flavors while meandering into taste tests, food mental blocks, and gastronomical hot takes! Since Charlie failed to take the team's advice on the naming of his first child, we suggest some options for the impending birth of the second. Also: anticipated movies and pop culture memories!

Guests: Doug Gobeski

Episode 217 - MMMM #69: Men in Black: International

Airdate: 5/23/2022       Length: 57:13

Installment 69 (nice) of our Merry Marvel Movie March has us reviewing the unlikely 4th MiB film: Men in Black: International. Do Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth recapture the magic of Thor: Ragnarok? Did we suspect who the villain was the whole time? Is Pawny the worst or best part of the movie? We answer all these questions while trying to avoid long digressions into better films!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 216 - Magicians Ruining Science

Airdate: 5/09/2022       Length: 45:13

We start out with a taste test of something that HOPEFULLY won't be classified as poisonous at a later date. Charlie gets COVID at an extremely inconvenient time and destroys a toilet as a result. And since we recorded this in early May, we are obligated to talk about Elon Musk (blech).

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Kevin Vredevoogd, Doug Gobeski

Episode 215 - MMMM #68: Dark Phoenix

Airdate: 4/25/2022       Length: 59:04

We say goodbye to another X-Men movie cast in the 68th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, as we review 2019's Dark Phoenix. Adam fails to adjust his expectations properly, while Doug tamps down his rage after we insult Zack Snyder. We discuss all the actors except the one who plays the titular role. And we argue about the best way to fling a helicopter or raise a subway car from underneath the ground!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 214 - Sleeveless Dan

Airdate: 4/11/2022       Length: 1:01:26

We discuss the intersection of formal/casual dining, while Charlie is confused by every one of Paul's topics. It turns out sleeves are hard to define, but Dan wants to crowdsource the answer while simultaneously making his co-workers uncomfortable. And whenever Adam and Dan are together, you KNOW there will be a media organization deep-dive!

Guests: Dan Hess, Paul Wilcox

Episode 213 - MMMM #67: Avengers: Endgame

Airdate: 03/28/2022       Length: 1:18:12

Our Merry Marvel Movie March hits its biggest milestone yet: our review of 2019's "Avengers: Endgame". Was Thanos always this strong? Are all movies secretly time travel movies? Should old man Steve Rogers have come up with a better reveal? Was Hawkeye the one who should have died? We argue about all these things... and more!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 212 - MMMM #66: Captain Marvel

Airdate: 03/14/2022       Length: 1:15:01

We talk about the 66th movie in our Merry Marvel Movie March, 2019's Captain Marvel (recorded, appropriately, on both International Women's Day and the 3rd anniversary of the film's US release). Brie Larson kicks everyone's butt and we are all extremely here for it. Charlie's dream of having the characters simply discover important plot information inside a basement is finally realized, and we wonder about the VHS sleeves in the Blockbuster store at length.

Guests: Brianne Gobeski, Kevin Vredevoogd, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 211 - Potpourri

Airdate: 02/28/2022       Length: 1:04:25

It's the twos-iest Tuesday we'll ever know, so naturally we talk about Tal Bachman at length. It also seems that no one else in the world really talks about Tuesday in the detail we do in this episode, so our Google searches force us to dive deeper than usual. We remember that time where the whole world hated free music. Plus, we inform you about the best Wii U and 3DS games you need to download while you still have time!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 210 - MMMM #65: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Airdate: 02/14/2022       Length: 1:07:24

We wrap up 2018 in our Merry Marvel Movie March with our first animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Tony is surprised to enjoy an animated film, while Doug wonders if Uncle Ben has just stepped out of Peter Parker's life for some cigarettes and will be back any moment, just you wait. We all agree that the characters are great and that the movie is gorgeous, so everyone's just waiting to find out what problem Charlie will end up having with the movie!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 209 - The Munizverse

Airdate: 01/31/2022       Length: 59:51

Doug starts the episode with a Kit-Kat, which presents more ethical problems than usual. Then, we're joined by everyone's favorite actor/entrepreneur/supervillain Frankie Muniz. He's created a whole Meta-verse, Meta-market and Meta-image-viewer that present the exact same number of ethical questions as usual.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 208 - What Did They Get???!!!

Airdate: 01/17/2022       Length: 56:03

We answer the question everyone is asking: what did they get for Christmas???!!! Dan Hess joins us as well because, unlike Charlie, he got INTERESTING gifts. Unfortunately, no one gets the thing they wanted most as Bill Knapp's remains permanently closed. And by request, Charlie brushes his teeth.

Guests: Dan Hess, Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 207 - MMMM #64: Venom

Airdate: 1/3/2022       Length: 1:01:42

We've finally arrived at the hardest-to-rate film in our Merry Marvel Movie March: 2018's "Venom"! It may also be the most "late-90's" movie we've watched, despite being released two decades later. We've finally roped Kevin into reviewing a movie he doesn't really like, and Paul into reviewing one we were pretty sure he'd love. We also use the word "denim" more frequently than usual.

Guests: Kevin Vredevoogd, Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Butt Stuff Episode 8 - "Christmas Stuff"

Airdate: 12/20/2021       Length: 43:37

We Butt Brothers (that's Jim, Benjamin (aka "Tiny") and Randy if you don't know) have special guest Carly Wallace from Gobesky/Wallace Repair on the show to talk about more of our favorite stuff - this time it's Christmas! Lance has set up the sound board with all sorts of clips and sounds and things so it's sure to be really swell. We know we said some of our Butt Plugs were lost, but it turns out we've found them and dusted them off for use in this episode. It also seems like we can't avoid talking about LumberJaXXX yet again, but it turns out Carly is a patron and is a fan of the JaxxxStack! OK Lance, this is the summary of what the episode is supposed to be about so if you could put this wherever it's supposed to go, thank you for your help.

Guests: Carly Wallace

Episode 205 - MMMM #63: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Airdate: 12/6/2021       Length: 54:47

After the emotional nadir of Avengers: Infinity War, we're back on the upswing as we review 2018's Ant-Man and the Wasp. Tony recalls some of his favorite sexiest men, while Charlie gets confused about who is driving which car. And in a stunning turn of events, we do very little nitpicking of the Quantum Realm (besides wondering what tardigrades taste like).

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 204 - Ready Worker One

Airdate: 11/22/2021       Length: 46:36

We begin by discussing Adam's various mishaps during his production of "Million Dollar Quartet" and why his own misfortune caused Brianne to push him off a bench at IHOP. Then we transition (via song) to talking about the Metaverse. Will a virtual work environment eliminate the need to shower completely, or just lead to new hybrid soap technology? But we can all agree that toast and BBQ sauce are things that normal people eat in large quantities and proudly display next to family photos.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 203 - MMMM #62: Deadpool 2 -plus- Once Upon a Deadpool

Airdate: 11/9/2021       Length: 1:05:54

We essentially knock two movies off our Merry Marvel Movie March when we review both Deadpool 2 and Once Upon a Deadpool. There's enough difference here to warrant separate consideration for each film, but is one really better than the other? And there are a LOT of characters, but which is our favorite? Plus, as usual, Fred Savage takes the wind out of Adam's sails.

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 202 - MMMM #61: Avengers: Infinity War

Airdate: 10/25/2021       Length: 1:19:31

Finally, we actually get to pare down our list of superheroes as we review the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War! We (rightfully) spend most of our conversation wondering if Thanos thought through his evil plan or not. Well, he seemed to have figured out the logistics... but did he *really* though? We also discuss which we think is the least intelligent Infinity Stone. And where is that lazy Hawkeye anyway?

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 201 - James Bond Jovi

Airdate: 10/11/2021       Length: 1:06:03

When Tony and Paul are on the show, sometimes it's best to show up without topics. As a result, we talk about James Bond, squirrel heat lamps, Dr. Phil, and bald eagle sightings. And Charlie may be (indirectly) responsible for painting someone's car orange!

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 200 - Wallace et al. (2022)

Airdate: 9/27/2021       Length: 56:50

This very special episode has us writing an abstract for an academic paper – about The Boss Baby! In a less rigorous way, we debate the meaning of the word "extreme" and check in to see how our podcast and personal SEO is doing. And Charlie revises a previous controversial rating, but only after Alex leaves.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Alex Clark, Paul Wilcox

Episode 199 - Annette

Airdate: 9/13/2021       Length: 47:39

We discuss another MCU (Mael Cinematic Universe) movie this week, the Sparks/Adam Driver/puppet movie Annette! Suffice it to say, this is a movie you MAY want to know something about before you watch it (some Arizonan audiences were NOT amused). Plus Adam is unexpectedly cast in a musical, while Charlie reveals a deep-seated phobia.

Guests: Brianne Gobeski

Episode 198 - Shenaniwilliamstowntownshipza

Airdate: 8/30/2021       Length: 1:06:10

Finally, another episode that features everyone IN THE SAME ROOM! Shenaniwilliamstowntownshipza is in full swing, so we celebrate by recording an episode - and subjecting Charlie to gastronomical monstrosities that even dogs hate. We recount all the bits (so far) and even create some new ones. Plus Paul airs a grievance to Tony, who refuses to apologize.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox, Brianne Gobeski, Kenny Fitzgerald, Dotty

Episode 197 - MMMM #60: Black Panther

Airdate: 8/16/2021       Length: 1:20:56

Installment 60 of our Merry Marvel Movie March finally brings us to the nation of Wakanda as we review 2018's Black Panther. Tony was waiting to watch this just for this episode! Paul considers how memes form in a country that doesn't send them abroad, while Doug's brain hurts from all the CIA propaganda.

Guests: Kevin Vredevoogd, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 196 - Frank-E

Airdate: 8/2/2021       Length: 47:20

This podcast starts out with Charlie blathering about the weather, but takes an unexpected turn when a special guest shows up semi-expectedly: oil tycoon and vinegar enthusiast Frankie Muniz! We talk about his failed potato chip deal, sentient oil, and his new space program. Oh, sorry to bury the lede: we also talk about birthday gifts!

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 195 - MMMM #59: Thor: Ragnarok

Airdate: 7/19/2021       Length: 1:07:19

We have a blast on our 59th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March watching the joyride that is 2017's Thor: Ragnarok! We mostly struggle to find fault with the movie, but Doug has one major issue, and this time it's personal. And a surprise reveal from Paul has most of us ready to quit the podcast!

Guests: Kevin Vredevoogd, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 194 - MMMM #58: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Airdate: 7/5/2021       Length: 1:03:54

Installment 58 of our Merry Marvel Movie March has some of us wishing our teen comedy had less action as we review 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming. We discuss all the fun cameos, the light tone, and that big mid-movie twist that we didn't see coming. Doug plays villain's advocate except... he really DOES hate Spider-Man? And of course, we ponder the intersection of Lego and movie production design.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 193 - Piscopo Day (Observed)

Airdate: 6/21/2021       Length: 54:31

The stars don't align and Piscopo Day doesn't fall on an episode release day - unless you count our annual Piscopo Hall of Fame Induction, in which case the stars DO align and compete for title of 2021 Piscopony! We also discuss our ideal birthdays as kids and Paul's introduction to modern art. Doug almost kills himself with Doritos, but what a way to go!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 192 - Future Teases

Airdate: 6/7/2021       Length: 42:43

It's about time we spent an episode discussing what's going to feature in future episodes! We drop all sorts of hints about what we think episode 200 might bring, but we also find time to explain the past as well. Brianne comes back to the show to tell us about her experiences doing live theater during a pandemic, Charlie watches films online by himself (but not in a creepy way), and Adam outlines his perfect utopian community -- soon to be a minor network sitcom hit!

Guests: Brianne Gobeski

Episode 191 - MMMM #57: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Airdate: 5/24/2021       Length: 1:10:50

Installment 57 of our Merry Marvel Movie March sends us off to sentient planets and down Zune rabbit holes with the 2017 sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Does the movie try too hard or just the right amount of hard? We discover the exact strata of 70's pop music that Doug knows. And speaking of music, we've finally got another contender in our Merry Marvel Movie March Song-Off!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 190 - Daddy Needs His Rave Time

Airdate: 5/10/2021       Length: 51:30

Even though there's no movie to review this week, we still come up with a streaming platform with a flawless business model. Adam continues to not be homeless, Charlie continues to find ways to monetize his child via the entertainment industry, and Paul just continues (which is a good thing). Plus, Pandemic Movie Roulette!

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 189 - MMMM #56: Logan

Airdate: 4/26/2021       Length: 1:21:19

We embrace a movie that actually provides closure in the 56th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, the 2017 sort of western homage Logan. We discuss good clones and bad clones, James Mangold's obsession with death, and annoying fences. Which character would be most likely to survive a pandemic? We all give ratings at the end, even though one of us HASN'T EVEN FINISHED THE MOVIE!

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Kyle Erickson

Episode 188 - Self-Cancellation

Airdate: 4/12/2021       Length: 51:05

Rather than rehash old times, Adam, Charlie, Alex, and John talk about the NEW times we live in. What have we all been doing after one year of the pandemic? Are John's kids smart enough to deserve breakfast? Why would ANYONE want a "smart" TV? And if you've been craving the awkwardness of Charlie singing songs about Instagram, this episode will sate your hunger!

Guests: John Dittmer, Alex Clark

Episode 187 - MMMM #55: Doctor Strange

Airdate: 3/29/2021       Length: 1:16:52

We round out Merry Marvel Movie March Madness 2021 with the mind-bending visuals of 2016's Doctor Strange. Between the actors and the magical spells, we can definitely say that this movie has great casting! But we want more Rachel McAdams! And Mads Mikkelsen! But the movie shouldn't be any longer and please don't cut anything! Maybe just run this expanded version at 2x speed? Doctor Strange has the Eye of Agamotto, so surely it must be possible!

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 186 - MMMM #54: X-Men: Apocalypse

Airdate: 3/15/2021       Length: 1:04:29

Merry Marvel Movie March Madness is moving along at a brisk pace, unlike the 2016 film X-Men: Apocalypse. But it is undeniably set in 1983, that's for sure. We spend more time talking about Apocalypse's poor engineering design than the rest of the movie. Charlie takes issue with... pretty much everything, while Adam takes issue with Charlie taking issue with pretty much everything. Par for the course!

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 185 - MMMM #53: Captain America: Civil War

Airdate: 3/1/2021       Length: 1:18:22

We kick off 2021's Merry Marvel Movie March Madness with the 2016 blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. Despite Adam's best efforts, the gang reviews the movie without so much as one violent outburst. We spend most of the time talking about individual characters, including Gi-Ant Man. But do we appreciate that the film calls into question our enjoyment of the carnage in previous films? Are we consumed by the desire for revenge? That seems like an extreme reaction to an entertaining movie, but listen and find out!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 184: The West Wing Wings: Sky Crime Unit

Airdate: 2/15/2021       Length: 35:41

Tony Huff steps in as one of our hosts neglects to show up. The "Looks Team" of Tim Daly and Steven Weber talk about new revenue streams, specifically a reboot of their classic 90's sitcom "Wings". Adam, Tony, and Doug pitch some show ideas and attempt to help Tim with his financial troubles.

With: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Charlie Wallace

Episode 183 - MMMM #52: Deadpool

Airdate: 2/8/2021       Length: 1:03:34

Our 52nd installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March covers the 2016 film Deadpool, not 1988's The Dead Pool, although you can be forgiven for making that mistake. Tony stews in silence for a while, and Adam gets Doug to change his score. But the real question - does it hold up after we've seen the sequel and are simply huddled in our isolated bubbles instead of a raucous theater?

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 182 - The Gobeski/Wallace Report Presents Presents

Airdate: 1/18/2021       Length: 1:05:22

Did we just finish the first year of this year, or the last year of last year? Time is wrapping around on itself in episode 182. The future listener should probably just experience this as a unique time capsule of a very fraught time in these United States of America. Also we talk about Christmas presents, to restore some semblance of normalcy, while fan-favorite segment Cruise News is retooled to expel despicable anti-American attempted coupists from the podcast.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 181 - MMMM #51: Fant4stic

Airdate: 1/4/2021       Length: 1:07:36

Coming right off of Ant-Man, we've got the 2015 mess-of-a-film Fant4stic for our Merry Marvel Movie March. Tony can't even appreciate a shirtless Miles Teller. Is there anything redeemable here? Will exploding heads keep this from being our worst rated movie yet? Listen and find out (but feel free to skip the movie).

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski

Grounded: A Wings pandemic podcast - Episode 60: "The Customer's Usually Right"

Airdate: 12/21/2020       Length: 1:01:01

The Pandemic is still going, and so are we with the season 4 Christmas episode entitled "The Customer's Usually Right"! We're joined this holiday season by guests old and new. More confidence scams than usual this episode, but the normal amount of proselytizing. Paul takes too many notes and Adam has an existential crisis. Also: Wings!

Guests: Greg Hope, Dennis Laine, Jaxon Bledsoe, Kent Ackerman

Episode 179 - MMMM #50: Ant-Man

Airdate: 12/7/2020       Length: 1:12:11

Believe it or not, we've made it to installment 50 of our Merry Marvel Movie March! How better to celebrate than to discuss the 2015 heist-comedy Ant-Man? We praise Paul Rudd and, well, pretty much everything else about the movie. We also talk more about Gregg Turkington than most would (albeit less than you might expect from us). And Charlie is pretty psyched that the plot-hinging device actually IS found in the basement!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Kevin Vredevoogd

Episode 178 - MMMM #49: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Airdate: 11/23/2020       Length: 1:19:12

Installment 49 of our Merry Marvel Movie March brings us to the apex of Phase 2, with 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron. While Ultron's evil plan may not have been feasible, we still have fun watching and discussing this Marvel outing. We talk about all of the new characters, even the ones that don't survive, while Charlie keeps trying to guess which moments were our least favorite! (The fact that he names a bunch that aren't the right ones might be a bad sign...) Oh, and Adam plays the Doctor Who theme song for over two minutes.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 177 - Scared Stupid

Airdate: 11/9/2020       Length: 36:09

Halloween has already gone by, but don't worry - we've got a Halloween episode for you anyway! Charlie creates a potentially dangerous treat at Adam's behest, we recall the scary movies that traumatized us most as children (and beyond), and we talk at length with Alex about "The X-Files" and (you guessed it) reuben smoothies.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Alex Clark

Episode 176 - MMMM #48: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Airdate: 10/26/2020       Length: 1:10:24

We're back to the Merry Marvel Movie March with more stylized violence in 2015's "Kingsman: The Secret Service", from a lot of the same people who brought us "Kick-Ass"! Between Taron Egerton and the threat of traumatic dog deaths, Tony has a lot to say. And as with all movies, Charlie had some problems with this - but was it enough to ruin his rating?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 175 - A Beautiful Tag Show

Airdate: 10/12/2020       Length: 52:25

Fifty more episodes gone by means we've got to get rid of this backlog of tags! They are simply taking up TOO MUCH SPACE, and as usual, that works in your favor. And did I hear you say that you want MORE birthday-related podcast material? Well, buckle up; it's our most beautiful tag show yet!

Guests: Alex Clark, Tyler Galley, Brianne Gobeski, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Wes Richerson, Tom Ruopp, Kevin Vredevoogd, Paul Wilcox, Aislinn

Episode 174 - MMMM #47: Big Hero 6

Airdate: 9/28/2020       Length: 1:14:56

We get back to our Merry Marvel Movie March with our first animated feature, Big Hero 6. Of course, we've got a lot of snacks to get through first! Paul introduces his niece with some meat-flavored chips. Doug and Wes accidentally reveal their intense self-loathing. And is this the first movie in the March where doing evil is ultimately justified...?

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Wes Richerson, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Aislinn

Episode 173 - This One's For Us

Airdate: 9/14/2020       Length: 42:58

Is it a little self-indulgent for us to discuss two movies you probably haven't seen? Maybe, but if nothing else this episode should INSPIRE you to watch 1955's influential noir thriller Kiss Me Deadly and the 1973 German two-part TV miniseries World on a Wire. After all, you should be used to us talking at length about our birthday gifts, so this episode is the logical endpoint of the precedent we set over a decade ago. Plus, we talk about the movies we like that no one else does!

Guests: None!

Episode 172 - Wakin' Up with Wallace

Airdate: 8/31/2020       Length: 36:46

Just Adam and Charlie this time, and now that our birthdays have long since passed, we're finally able to update you about our hauls! And we get real about how COVID is affecting our lives. But to balance out the gravity of the episode, Adam saturates a breakfast churro with milk!

Guests: None!

Episode 171 - MMMM #46: Guardians of the Galaxy

Airdate: 8/17/2020       Length: 1:02:27

Tony and Paul gather a ragtag group of miscreants to talk about the 2014 blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy for installment 46 of our Merry Marvel Movie March. It's not our first time talking about this movie for the podcast, but we've accumulated enough experience and wisdom in the intervening years to make this outing still worthwhile. But watch out: our very special guest attempts to blow up our entire ratings system!

Guests: Charlie Wallace, Doug Gobeski, Adam Gobeski, Otto

Episode 170 - Pandemic Summer

Airdate: 8/3/2020       Length: 57:16

Everyone brings topics (but sadly not Topix) to discuss: Paul finishes up his narrative thread about "Cabin Boy", for now; Doug talks up a video game he doesn't really like; Charlie brings more Cruz News than he was anticipating; and only one thing can coax Adam out of his home and into the wasteland that is Arizona during the pandemic - the Barnes & Noble Criterion Sale!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 169 - MMMM #45: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Airdate: 7/20/2020       Length: 1:08:37

Wolverine once again gets the star treatment in the 45th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, the 2014 film "X-Men: Days of Future Past". We discuss the merits of this movie's time travel mechanic, Tricky Dick, and our favorite cameos. Plus, we've watched "The Rogue Cut" to evaluate whether cutting out an entire character from the film made it better.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 168 - Chasing the 2700

Airdate: 7/6/2020       Length: 41:15

Now that we're in the Age of Zoom, we can get as many people on the line as we like. And since celebrities are housebound, they have nothing better to do than talk with us! At least that's true for Shaun White, Frankie Muniz, and his brother Cisco. Wait, Frankie has a brother? I guess he never said he DIDN'T have a brother. Well, it's canon now!

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 167 - The nth Annual Piscopo Day Celebration

Airdate: 6/22/2020       Length: 1:00:49

It's June 17th in spirit, if not actual fact, and that means it's Piscopo Day! We celebrate by divining our future gifts, creating sweet treats, and inducting a new Piscopony into the Joe Piscopo Hall of Fame. Oh yes, and don't forget the annual SNL table read; I daresay it goes over better now than it did in the Reagan era! [citation needed]

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Alex Clark, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 166 - MMMM #44: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Airdate: 6/8/2020       Length: 1:25:43

Sony's plans for a Spider-Man cinematic universe take a hit here with the rather lackluster sequel to 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man. We talk about too many villains, unpopular acting choices, and whether it was too soon to kill Gwen Stacy. Plus, Paul gets a surprise birthday gift!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Tom Ruopp, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 165 - MMMM #43: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Airdate: 5/25/2020       Length: 1:08:08

The MCU finally gets its first genuine action movie (according to Doug, at least) with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This movie's got everything: Algerian terrorists, fake deaths, vending machine mischief, and a disgusted Robert Redford. But most importantly: S.H.I.E.L.D. gets what's coming to it!!! Charlie can only hope that this is the end for that clandestine organization, but that still begs the question: just who is this Bucky Barnes fellow?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Wes Richerson, Kevin Vredevoogd, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 164 - Shenanigalactica Part II: Just the Bits

Airdate: 5/11/2020       Length: 52:42

It's folly to believe that any event like Shenaniganza could be contained wholly in one episode. That's why we're back with a bit-heavy sequel for your listening enjoyment! Restaurant policies are discussed, as well as unique ways to utilize our national parks (it's public, why can't it also be a toilet?). Adam, Tony and Paul scare a realtor, probably. Plus, the inauguration of Shenanifailedza.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Tyler Galley

Episode 163 - MMMM #42: Thor: The Dark World

Airdate: 4/27/2020       Length: 1:13:32

Installment 42 of our Merry Marvel Movie March has us reviewing the shoulder shrug of a movie Thor: The Dark World. But is it REALLY that bad, or does it just pale in comparison to other MCU movies? In any case, we all agree that Kat Dennings has the standout performance and that Christopher Eccleston was right to be frustrated by his experiences on the film. Plus, we get into an argument about portal physics!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Wes Richerson, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 162 - Shenanigalactica

Airdate: 4/13/2020       Length: 52:27

Charlie's plans get canceled, but that doesn't mean we all can't recount past events, specifically this year's version of Shenaniganza! Many bits were born and many died. And a trip to the Grand Canyon proves to be almost as impressive as the IMAX.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Tyler Galley

Episode 161 - MMMM #41: Kick-Ass 2

Airdate: 3/30/2020       Length: 53:44

We close out Merry Marvel Movie March Madness with "The Little Sequel that Couldn't", Kick-Ass 2! All your favorite characters are back, except for your ACTUAL favorite character played by Nic Cage. It's like the original, except with even more cringy violence (unless you ask Doug, who didn't even seem to notice). Is the director an edgelord or an SJW? Or could he be both? It's a question we never thought we'd have to ask!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 160 - MMMM #40: The Wolverine

Airdate: 3/16/2020       Length: 1:07:34

Merry Marvel Movie March Madness keeps rolling along with 2013's The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is really Hugh Jackedman this time, and he may or may not understand Japanese. Paul lets us know all the landmarks he spots, and Charlie forgets he's a physicist for a couple hours. Can this film knock XMOW off its pedestal as our favorite solo Wolverine movie so far? Listen, and find out that the answer is definitely "Yes".

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 159 - MMMM #39: Iron Man 3

Airdate: 3/2/2020       Length: 1:09:00

We kick off Merry Marvel Movie March Madness with installment 39: 2013's "Iron Man 3"! Tony Stark has some serious PTSD baggage in this one, but does that just feel like a plot device? And is there too much "buddy cop" vibe, or not enough? Also, how does the city of Chattanooga feel about this film? AND SIR BEN KINGSLEY, AMIRITE?

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 158 - Dew Daddies

Airdate: 2/17/2020       Length: 52:43

How did we get this far into the year without discussing Christmas presents? Well, at least this gives us the opportunity to also review Doug's birthday! Meanwhile, he eats cake and ice cream ALL BY HIMSELF. (Sounds like paradise to me!) And is Mountain Dew Zero everything it's cracked up to be? Tony, Paul, and Doug put it to the test!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 157 - MMMM #38: The Amazing Spider-Man

Airdate: 2/3/2020       Length: 1:06:00

Installment 38 of our Merry Marvel Movie March brings us a rather familiar story with 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man. Somehow Tony has never seen another Spider-Man film, and so Paul spoils something that he thought was unspoilable. Does the effort expended by the new cast make up for the story retread? And just how much overtime are those crane operators getting?

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff

Episode 156 - The Collapse of Skywalker

Airdate: 1/20/2020       Length: 1:21:31

The boys have all finally watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and don't necessarily feel better for it. In this spoiler-filled episode, we talk about all the deaths, undeaths, character "arcs", and how muddled everything is because J.J. tries to undo the last film. Did I mention we didn't like this very much? Especially Alex, who suggests there's only ONE story that would have made this movie palatable.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Alex Clark

Episode 155 - MMMM #37: Men in Black 3

Airdate: 1/6/2020       Length: 56:21

We finally finish up the Men in Black Saga (or at least, the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones part of it) by reviewing Men in Black 3! This ain't our first trilogy in our Merry Marvel Movie March... but it may be the best yet! How does this movie tackle time travel? Do the additions (and deletions) of cast members help or hinder the film? If Tony hasn't seen any Men in Black films, can he possibly enjoy this? Also, Charlie still finds a way to watch this movie wrong.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski

Episode 154 - Christmas in Scottsdale

Airdate: 12/23/2019       Length: 42:37

Just because there's no ALF doesn't mean it isn't Christmas! Charlie travels to Scottsdale, Arizona to make good on a promise to Frankie Muniz. Noted actor Richard Karn shows up, as well as a friend from Frankie's past. Get your HICSBS and Banks Bucks ready for an all-out bidding war!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Tyler Galley

Episode 153 - MMMM #36: The Avengers

Airdate: 12/9/2019       Length: 1:15:25

It's finally time to close out Phase 1 of the MCU with the team-up film that launched a thousand memes, 2012's "The Avengers"! We talk about the positive on-screen contributions of Joss Whedon (and the negative off-screen ones), as well as the value of discussing the quality of digital visual effects. And this one has the best cameo so far (R.I.P. HDS). And yes, a VCD copy of this movie does exist! (YOU'RE WELCOME.)

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Wes Richerson

Episode 152 - Under the Sea

Airdate: 11/25/2019       Length: 1:03:30

Welcome once again to The SeaQuest DSV-Cast, the show where we have ALWAYS talked about "seaQuest DSV" and nothing else. Well, I guess we get a little off-topic when we eat some chips, talk about the demise of Deadspin, and talk about collecting video games for display only. It also remains unclear whether one of our co-hosts has seen even ONE episode of "seaQuest DSV". Oh well, let's explore those briny depths together one more time!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 151 - MMMM #35: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Airdate: 11/12/2019       Length: 1:10:14

In the 35th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, the gang revisits Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, but this time something's different... This outing gives Johnny Blaze no new story to speak of, just Nic Cage acting himself into a frenzy. Tony approves, and then later doesn't. Have our opinions changed, or are we still obsessed with peeing fire? Hint: it can be both!

Guests: Adam Gobeski, Charlie Wallace, Tony Huff (with your hosts Brianne Gobeski, Doug Gobeski, and Paul Wilcox)

Episode 150 - Re-Deboot

Airdate: 10/28/2019       Length: 58:52

Gosh, I just can't remember what this episode is about, no matter how hard I try. I think there's some magic spells, woodpeckers, Arby's, maybe hydroelectric power...? Oh well, at least I know we talk about cl... clo... huh, can't quite type that out. Oh well, enjoy episode 150!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Jason King

Episode 149 - MMMM #34: Captain America: The First Avenger

Airdate: 10/14/2019       Length: 1:18:32

In the 34th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, we finally meet the First Avenger... but Nick Fury recruits him last? No matter: we talk about the casting, de-buffing effects, and piloted bomb safety features. And we've once again got a contender for highest rated movie in the March so far!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Tom Ruopp

Episode 148 - Shenanidefendza 002019

Airdate: 9/30/2019       Length: 1:01:28

Adam has finally leveled up his honorific to "Doctor", and that means he's earned some great bits and characters in the newest Shenaniganza iteration - Shenanidefendza! He also celebrates by walking to the store four times in one day. Meanwhile, Charlie runs an experiment using only items found in his hotel room and almost throws up. Doug, Tony, and Paul all seem to be in good spirits though!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski

Episode 147 - Muniz Industries

Airdate: 9/16/2019       Length: 53:27

America's favorite teen-star-turned-racecar-driver-turned-oil-salesman returns to the podcast, and he's got a Rube Goldbergian system for fixing the enviroment! And if he can make a profit at the same time, so much the better. Then Chippin' with Charlie becomes Chewin' with Charlie, to everyone's delight (unless you don't like chewing noises, in which case skip 21:22-30:28). Maybe we get a little Chonkin' with Charlie in there as well...? And the Gobeski/Wallace Supreme Court convenes to hear an appeal from a lower fake court.

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 146 - MMMM #33: X-Men: First Class

Airdate: 9/2/2019       Length: 1:07:58

The X-Men prequel tetralogy gets underway as our Merry Marvel Movie March reaches the 2011 movie X-Men: First Class! Charlie is annoyed by how all the women get undressed for no good reason, while Doug is more impressed by how Azazel teleported all those CIA agents to different heights so that they'd all hit the ground at the same time. And Adam's more upset that this episode includes things not solely about Stardust, Legion, or Apollo 13.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 145 - Fractal Edgelord

Airdate: 8/19/2019       Length: 48:33

We all find out that Paul has more bird experience than we had previously given him credit for. Thankfully, we move on to discuss feral hogs, waterslide mishaps, and drive-in theaters. Plus, we find a phrase that's never been logged on Google before!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 144 - MMMM #32: Thor

Airdate: 8/5/2019       Length: 1:01:24

The Merry Marvel Movie March gets Shakespearean with the 2011 film Thor! We argue about boilermakers, Natalie Portman, and whether we want an extended version with all the cut library research. But on one thing we can all agree: shirtless Chris Hemsworth is worth the price of admission!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski

Episode 143 - Just Kiddin' with Charlie

Airdate: 7/22/2019       Length: 49:19

It's time again for the bi-annual Recounting of the Gifts! Much swag was received and much cake eaten. A debate about snack hoarding begs a larger question: when you teach your child history, should you start with the stone age, or the silent film era? Oh, and Charlie sings two songs, so you've been warned!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Alex Clark

Episode 142 - MMMM #31: Iron Man 2

Airdate: 7/8/2019       Length: 1:14:03

Our first MCU sequel in our Merry Marvel Movie March is "Iron Man 2", and Charlie has an issue with S.H.I.E.L.D. Or does he? It's not exactly clear. This may also mark Jeremy Piven's greatest performance in a movie he wasn't in! We also wonder what happened to those birds. Wait, did somebody say "Wonder"?!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Tom Ruopp

Episode 141 - The Piscopo Cinematic Universe

Airdate: 6/17/2019       Length: 49:53

Piscopo Day is here yet again, and we've got lots of games and segments for you: The Piscocoa Report, Piscopo or No, and the creation of the Piscopo Cinematic Universe! Despite popular objection, we still stumble our way through a Joe Piscopo SNL skit. And the 2nd annual Piscopony Awards end with a suspenseful tie-breaker!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Brianne Gobeski

Episode 140 - MMMM #30: Kick-Ass

Airdate: 6/10/2019       Length: 1:08:08

After discussing a breaking Cruz News development, we dive into the 30th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March: the 2010 film "Kick-Ass", a movie that provides not one but TWO Quicksilver actors! Those of us who've seen it before have changed our opinions, but not in the same direction. We talk violence, the soundtrack (SPARKS!!!), violence, tanning cream, and of course the violence. And Nic Cage gives a restrained AND over-the-top performance!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 139 - Wolfsmarine

Airdate: 5/27/2019       Length: 31:06

Our attempts to get an A-list guest are foiled again, but we do have an enlightening conversation with prolific actor Q Jackson, star of the Wolfsmarine movie series! We talk bus change, ambiguous kidnapping, and flaming backpacks! And Doug checks out, but not enough to be edited out of the episode!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 138 - MMMM #29: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Airdate: 5/13/2019       Length: 55:57

Our Marvel marathon just keeps on marching, with the ONLY entry in the X-Men Origins series, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It's got a great intro and... an interesting ending. And some WEIRD de-aging. However, we get to watch Hugh Jackman! But is that enough?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 137 - The Chicago O'Hare Food Tunnel

Airdate: 4/29/2019       Length: 43:38

In honor of Paul's return from a foreign land, he regales us with tales of airport food. We then have him talk about his ancillary trip to Japan and all the things he bought there. And he recounts not one, but TWO impromptu musical interludes! Then our resident physics expert Adam talks a bit about particles and stuff.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 136 - MMMM #28: Punisher: War Zone

Airdate: 4/15/2019       Length: 52:27

We've just watched the THIRD Punisher film in our march, the 2008 film Punisher: War Zone, and we may finally have found the correct amount of killing for a Punisher movie. Or not? Doug's bloodlust only goes so far. One thing is for sure: director Lexi Alexander sounds pretty badass. And Rob Zombie comes out of retirement for another contender in our "Merry Marvel Movie March Song-Off"!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 135 - Tomfoolery

Airdate: 4/1/2019       Length: 27:36

Adam, Charlie, and Doug celebrate Edible Book Day, Pi Day, Opposite Day, the Ides of March, and literally no other days. Then we dive into the important subjects: disingenuous streaming services, James Gunn's rehiring, the band Sparks, and YouTube recommendations. And Charlie and Doug recount their various "hangs" over the previous month, including a comedy show that featured music, and a music show that featured comedy!

Guests: Doug Gobeski

Episode 134 - MMMM #27: The Incredible Hulk

Airdate: 3/18/2019       Length: 58:24

Merry Marvel Movie March Madness continues as we review the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk. We argue about whether it really fits in the MCU, and talk about ideas we would have liked to see carry forward into other Marvel films. Paul laments that we don't get more technical scenes of Edward Norton fixing assembly line equipment. And the Hulk is green, but is he green ENOUGH...?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Wes Richerson

Episode 133 - MMMM #26: Iron Man

Airdate: 3/4/2019       Length: 1:17:50

The Merry Marvel Movie March is eight strong this week as we review the 2008 film "Iron Man". It's the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but its ambitions weren't set so high at the beginning. Finally, another movie that genuinely has a chance at being our highest rated Marvel movie yet! Plus, we have trouble differentiating 80's dudes with mullets.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Kevin Vredevoogd, Brandon Griffes, Wes Richerson

Episode 132 - Behind the Music with Cuiin

Airdate: 2/18/2019       Length: 35:52

Alex and Paul are on the show, but are late as usual, which means we have to talk to the members of the 70's arena rock band Cuiin, while Charlie does his part to evade copyright infringement. And when our invited guests finally arrive, we decide the best name for Charlie's unborn child! (And maybe the worst one too...)

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Alex Clark

Episode 131 - MMMM #25: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Airdate: 2/4/2019       Length: 57:54

Merry Marvel Movie March installment 25 has us reviewing Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the most decidedly uncool surfer ever. [So this means you haven't watched that copy of Chairman of the Board that I bought you yet then. –Adam] But he's not as out of place here as Dr. Doom. And why is Galactus a nebulous cloud of space sand? Oh well, at least there's less charm than the last F4 film!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 130 - MMMM #24: Spider-Man 3

Airdate: 1/21/2019       Length: 1:03:46

OK, so let's be honest: no one really likes Spider-Man 3. But how MUCH do we not like it? Do we not like it MORE or LESS than in 2007? Or do we not like it the same amount? Plus, Doug speaks out for Mary Jane Watson when no one else in this movie will. And we speculate some more about glider injuries!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 129 - In Which Charlie Deletes His Account

Airdate: 1/7/2019       Length: 27:32

We struggle with potential Black Friday plans. Should we watch Boss Baby (as is customary), or do we juice Lime scooters? One thing is for sure: we won't be talking about Ghost Rider!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

ALF-a and Omega Episode 37: ALF's Special Christmas

Airdate: 12/24/2018       Length: 33:05

Break out the eggnog and poison oak, it's that time of year! That's right, we're finally talking about "ALF's Special Christmas"! This is the one where ALF trespasses at a hospital and commits medical fraud, but when you're as cute as ALF there's nothing you can't get away with! "Dimebag" Dennis joins us this week with predictable results. I almost feel like I should give guests a "heads-up" about what we're discussing ahead of time; I always forget that other people haven't seen the episodes quite as many times as I have...

Guests: "Dimebag" Dennis

Episode 127 - MMMM #23: Ghost Rider

Airdate: 12/10/2018       Length: 54:22

We've dragged Tony Huff into the episode specifically to watch Nic Cage in 2007's "Ghost Rider" for the 23rd installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March! Spoiler Alert: Tony would rather talk about weird people following him out of the grocery store than this movie! But the rest of us find some things to like amongst the bizarre directorial and acting choices. And the recasting of previous Marvel actors is finally starting to heat up! (Although Tony was most upset at the demise of Donal Logue.)

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 126 - The Frankies Muniz

Airdate: 11/26/2018       Length: 51:30

We have TWO very special identical guests in this episode, and two regular ol' ones. All this to stage an intervention for Charlie, and he doesn't suspect a thing! We talk way more about Armie Hammer than in any previous episode. Oh yeah, and we may have found a way to communicate between alternate realities.

Guests: Alex Clark, Paul Wilcox

Episode 125 - Tags Show 2: Accident at the Cereal Factory

Airdate: 11/12/2018       Length: 1:11:57

Can you believe it's been 50 episodes since our last clips extravaganza? There were just so many junk food tastings, movie arguments and ramblings that never made it to air that we just HAVE to share them with you! In fact, we're so eager that you'd think we're LEGALLY OBLIGATED to share them with you for tax reasons. Who's to say?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Dan Hess, Brianne Gobeski, Alex Clark

Episode 124 - MMMM #22: X-Men: The Last Stand

Airdate: 10/29/2018       Length: 1:00:26

The Merry Marvel Movie March continues with X-Men: The Last Stand. We've added Kelsey Grammer but subtracted James Marsden, which feels like a lateral move. How does so much happen in so little time, yet end up being the worst X-Men movie so far? We wrestle with that question, but also ask ourselves a much more important one: which video game console is integrated into that vehicle?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 123 - MMMM #21: Fantastic Four

Airdate: 10/15/2018       Length: 59:35

We all have a decidedly fantastic time reviewing 2005's Fantastic Four. Well, I mean it's more accurate to say that the movie is pretty good, and better than you might have heard. But we do have to watch some pretty grotesque stretching in the process, though only one scene was filmed while an actor had crippling kidney pain! And thanks to an efficient intro, this one comes in at under an hour.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 122 - Marmaduke Barbeque

Airdate: 10/1/2018       Length: 28:02

In preparation for our next Merry Marvel Movie March episode we forget to start talking about the movie! That'll have to wait until next time, but in the meantime we get real about failed and secret fast food sandwiches, misbehaving dogs, and what aliens will find when humanity has been destroyed (hint: it contains cilantro!). Things get a bit heated when we start talking about Surge.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 121 - MMMM #20: Man-Thing

Airdate: 9/17/2018       Length: 48:44

The 20th part of our Merry Marvel Movie March covers the pretty much unknown 2005 film Man-Thing! We may have finally found the floor of our March's ratings -- there's a reason this movie aired on the Sci-Fi Channel instead of in American theatres! We discuss Man-Thing's motives, his name, and why everyone in the American South seems to be incredibly racist and/or stupid!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 120 - Oscar Bait-and-Switch

Airdate: 9/10/2018       Length: 37:56

This episode of the exceedingly popular "Gobeskis Report" features present guest Charlie Wallace, host of the less popular podcast "Cinematic Respect"! Once we're past all the boring bits where he promotes his podcast we dive into the announcment of the Oscar category for "Best Popular Film". And wouldn't you know it, the Academy heard this episode and back-pedaled! But that's just our vociferous fans causing our will to be done, as usual!

Guests: Charlie Wallace

Episode 119 - MMMM #19: Elektra

Airdate: 8/27/2018       Length: 55:37

We hurry up and wait in installment 19 of our Merry Marvel Movie March with the 2005 movie "Elektra". Jennifer Garner sure does try, but doesn't have a whole lot to do. Literally! The script has her sitting around for two days! But it isn't nearly as bad as we all expect and that's saying A LOT. Plus, a trailer for "Family Guy"!

Guests: Brianne Gobeski, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 118 - Trivia Showdown

Airdate: 8/13/2018       Length: 1:02:38

Alex Clark is back on the show to promote his new book, "Trivia Showdown"! That means Adam and Charlie stop being co-hosts, and start competing! Who knows the most about musical "first words"? Movie spoilers? Wrestling finishing moves? Only one way to find out!

Guests: Alex Clark

Episode 117 - MMMM #18: Blade: Trinity

Airdate: 7/30/2018       Length: 43:37

Live from Eastern Wisconsin, it's the 18th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March and we're reviewing "Blade: Trinity"! Just because we're all in the same room doesn't mean we're watching the highlight of the series - not by a long shot! We discuss the bright spots (Parker Posey, Triple H) and the bad stuff (everything else). But hey, this at least gave Ryan Reynolds some practice for "Deadpool", right?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 116 - Homebrews and Cold Brews

Airdate: 7/16/2018       Length: 58:21

Shenani-online-za? Not quite, but the boys get in some good bits! We learn Tony's origin story! Paul comes up with a brilliant business model; retro gaming is so IN right now! And we all talk a bit more about birds than is healthy.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 115 - MMMM #17: Spider-Man 2

Airdate: 7/2/2018       Length: 47:32

Much like Peter Parker, we have the responsibility to continue our Merry Marvel Movie March with our 17th installment - "Spider-Man 2"! We compare villains with the first film, discuss what parts are more Raimi-esque, and nitpick the CGI. And we list ALL the cameos in excruciating detail!!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 114 - Piscopolians

Airdate: 6/18/2018       Length: 58:49

Happy Joe Piscopo Day, fellow Piscopolians! Even if your birthday isn't in June, feel free to celebrate with us by eating Piscopopcorn, reciting various monologues and... talking to clones? OK, Cloney Huff isn't exactly "on-brand" for Piscopo Day, but just roll with it!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 113 - MMMM #16: The Punisher (2004)

Airdate: 6/4/2018       Length: 59:08

We have a contender for worst Marvel movie when we review the 2004 film "The Punisher", but we promise our episode is still entertaining! Charlie is upset that John Travolta refuses to act, Adam is upset that bad guys don't get killed enough, and Doug is upset with the act structure. Paul, on the other hand, just seems to be really loud for some reason.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 112 - Government Icing Government

Airdate: 5/21/2018       Length: 54:11

Somehow most of us "bros" aren't familiar with the "icing" phenomenon, but we will be after this episode! Then we learn about "mod boxes", so it seems like Paul's plan to have us discuss things outside of our wheelhouse was successful. Also, we have an actual serious conversation about the future of physical media in the age of streaming.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 111 - MMMM #15: Hulk

Airdate: 5/7/2018       Length: 1:07:04

Installment 15 of our Merry Marvel Movie March continues with Ang Lee's 2003 film "Hulk". Charlie takes issue with all the angry acting... in a Hulk movie. And everyone has a lot to say about Ang Lee's use of unique scene transitions. Does this movie mutate into an artistic success or shrink into a small Eric Bana in huge shorts? You'll have to listen to find out!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 110 - Reboot

Airdate: 4/23/2018       Length: 52:46

We start the whole dang thing over again, and only keep the good bits! So naturally we take the opportunity to talk about video games and movies. More specifically, the video games we regret not finishing, and Steven Spielberg's recent dig against Netflix. But will Doug be upset now that his episode count has been reset? Wait, who's Doug...?

Guests: Brianne Gobeski, Alex Clark

Episode 109 - George Cloney

Airdate: 4/9/2018       Length: 59:20

Paul brings in a very special guest off the street, a very recognizable but unique guest! We follow that up with a very mild segment of "Chippin' with Charlie". And have you ever wondered if Ted Cruz could fend off three man-eating snakes single-handedly? Well wonder no more! Plus, we get a debriefing on "Star Trek: Discovery" and Netflix's "The Punisher".

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 108 - MMMM #14: X2

Airdate: 3/26/2018       Length: 45:56

Merry Marvel Movie March Madness ends with a bang and our 14th installment of the series, the 2003 movie "X2". We talk new characters, old characters, villains and similarities between this film and "X-Men". We all have positive things to say, but that begs the question: is this the highest rated MMMM movie yet? WARNING: This episode contains some material that may be offensive to the alt-right (and that's good)!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 107 - MMMM #13: Daredevil

Airdate: 3/19/2018       Length: 57:19

Merry Marvel Movie March Madness continues with the 13th in our series, the 2003 movie Daredevil - both the theatrical version AND the director's cut! We discuss the murderousness of Ben Affleck, the prominence of Jennifer Garner's bust, and how Colin Farrell steals the show. And does the director's cut improve this movie at all? We discuss it!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 106 - MMMM #12: Men in Black II

Airdate: 3/12/2018       Length: 52:20

Doug and Paul join us for the 12th installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March to gab about Men in Black II. We're mostly just as disappointed now as we were back when it was first released, but are a little bit happier with the music. And what does that locker scene imply about the nature of our universe? We decide that's a dumb question and talk about Patrick Warburton instead.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 105 - Celebrity Pokemon

Airdate: 2/26/2018       Length: 48:52

We got together with frequent collaborator Paul Wilcox to start a new podcast idea... but we got distracted and recorded this podcast first! We start off with a Gobeski Chocolate Report trifecta, transition to Lego and game console talk, and end up talking about our worst movie theater experiences ever. And yep, MORE BOSS BABY!

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 104 - MMMM #11: Spider-Man

Airdate: 2/12/2018       Length: 59:54

Finally we get to the 2002 blockbuster Spider-Man, which may be our best reviewed movie yet! The same cannot be said of the Chad Kroeger song from the OST though. We talk cameos, teen angst, and all of the businesses that must share the same building as that "underground" wrestling enterprise. And did Peter Parker have a plan when he returned Norman Osborn's body to his home for Harry to find? We speculate!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 103: EIGHT!?

Airdate: 1/29/2018       Length: 1:01:44

It may be a month late, but we finally talk about Christmas presents! We geek out over board games, Blurays, and a "Houndabout", but it turns out only Alex knows the true meaning of Christmas and has "given of himself" for the holidays. Additionally, we provide our thoughts about the newest installment of the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi. Again, Alex has the most interesting take as he disliked the movie - but not for stupid fanboy reasons!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Alex Clark

Episode 102 - MMMM #10: Blade II

Airdate: 1/13/2018       Length: 49:15

After a holiday hiatus, we resume the Merry Marvel Movie March with the film "Blade II"! In between actual commentary, we create a title for our DC Movie March (which we'll never get to) and discuss the cinematic world of Guillermo del Toro. Plus we know who Ron Perlman is... but wait, what was he in again?

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 101 - Skylert

Airdate: 12/17/2017       Length: 40:24

The boys were supposed to talk about "Blade 2" but get a little sidetracked. Right Said Fred plays a pivotal role in our conversation, unsurprisingly. We also discuss Vice Presidential tattoos and Paul takes a long time to put on his pants. A REALLY long time...

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 💯 - "Live" from Billy Crystal Wonders Hall

Airdate: 12/4/2017       Length: 1:21:07

We finally make it to that milestone episode 💯, and we've got lots of guests and topics. Charlie sings the longest song he's sung by far, we tell bad jokes and remember discontinued foods of the past. But we mostly talk about "The Boss Baby".

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Brianne Gobeski, Alex Clark, Daniel Baker

Episode 99 - MMMM #9: X-Men

Airdate: 11/20/2017       Length: 52:58

We keep on ice-road truckin' with installment 9 of our Merry Marvel Movie March when we review the 2000 film "X-Men". This may actually be the first movie that ALL the participants have actually seen before! We really dissect the TWO lines Joss Whedon had a hand in crafting, which represent the dizzying highs and cringiest lows of the script. Plus we provide a twist on an old classic, as we start out with a little "Chippin' FOR Charlie".

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 98 - The Great Warning War of 2001

Airdate: 11/6/2017       Length: 41:32

We welcome our old (but good) friend Dan Hess to the podcast! We argue about who has been friends with Jason the longest, how to arrange your music collection, and linguistic anomalies. Plus, we realize we were cyber-bullies all along.

Guests: Dan Hess

Episode 97 - MMMM #8: Blade

Airdate: 10/23/2017       Length: 54:56

We start to get to the good Marvel movies with the 8th entry in our Merry Marvel Movie March with the 1998 movie "Blade". Listen to our thoughts on the action movie that helped kickstart the rejuvenation of comic book films! Plus we discuss Ted Cruz's now-infamous porn retweet, and Charlie reminisces about the movie "Convoy"!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 96 - Cauldron's Bubble

Airdate: 10/9/2017       Length: 50:16

We welcome author and longtime friend Amber Elby to the show to discuss her new book "Cauldron's Bubble" (if she'll ever let us start the show, that is). Her novel is set in the world of Shakespeare's plays, but it seems as though Adam has never read anything before 1950. But seriously though, we've both read the book and enjoyed it; check it out!

Guests: Amber Elby

Episode 95 - The Alex Singing Report

Airdate: 9/25/2017       Length: 55:39

Adam, Charlie and Alex celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Gobeski/Wallace Report, and we reminisce about old episodes (but not to worry, this is no "clips show"). And they attempt to do every previous segment (that they can think of). And there's one segment that Charlie has to do 5 times (you know the one...).

Guests: Alex Clark

Episode 94 - Barra2da

Airdate: 9/11/2017       Length: 54:07

"Nancy" and "Anne" Wilson of the band Heart join us to discuss their past turmoil and future projects. Charlie recounts his story of a creepy vacation house, Dan Baker tells us about his "normal" life and Paul explains the internet.

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Dan Baker

Episode 93 - MMMM #7: Men in Black

Airdate: 8/28/2017       Length: 54:10

Installment 7 of our Merry Marvel Movie March is a breath of fresh air, the 1997 film "Men in Black". Brianne reminisces about seeing it in theaters, Paul fidget spins and Adam is frustrated that no one remembers 90's fashion. But which Marvel Movie song is the best so far? There are a surprising number of contenders!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Brianne Gobeski, Doug Gobeski

Episode 92 - Dumb Redbox

Airdate: 8/14/2017       Length: 45:44

Tony, Paul and Alex join us to conceive of a new Nathan-Fielder-inspired Stouffer's delivery system, the Dumb Redbox! Just select a movie, then get a Salisbury steak (heating required). It will save you the trip from the Redbox at the front of the store to the freezer which is invariably in the back of the store. No need to thank us, just enjoy your frozen packaged meal while not watching a movie!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff, Alex Clark

Episode 91 - MMMM #6: The Fantastic Four

Airdate: 7/31/2017       Length: 53:10

Time for our sixth installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, with the unreleased 1994 film The Fantastic Four! Listen to us describe a movie that we're honestly a little surprised WASN'T released in theatres. After all, they released Cabin Boy AND In the Army Now that year! Plus, a new "Chippin' with Charlie" segment, and Adam tells us about a conspiracy theory from one of his trivia players!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 90 - Adam Saves the Day

Airdate: 7/17/2017       Length: 49:02

Paul Wilcox joins us, and strangely no OTHER Pauls show up on this episode. Adam regales us with his story about traffic obstacles, ill-fitting shorts and how he saved a woman's life (sort of). Then we talk about our most anticipated movies of the summer, except they've mostly come out already!

Guests: Paul Wilcox (plus a cameo from Brianne Gobeski!)

Episode 89 - MMMM #5: Captain America (1990)

Airdate: 7/3/2017       Length: 54:32

In our fifth installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, we revisit the 1990 Captain America movie that never got a full theatrical release, yet somehow we've seen it twice. Paul hasn't, though, so he experiences the choppy editing and fake-vomiting-pull-the-car-over scenes for the first time. And that wonderful animated gif is back in action!

Guests: Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 88 - Joe Piscopo Day 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

Airdate: 6/19/2017       Length: 43:11

SNL alum Joe Piscopo was generous enough to sacrifice some of his family time to talk with us about birthdays, shopping habits, and his horse-related cruise tips -- and he even revisits one of his old sketches with us. Then Paul Wilcox joins us in the studio to talk birthday hauls, zebra mussels, and a few new flavors of Lay's potato chips.

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 87 - MMMM #4: The Punisher (1989)

Airdate: 6/5/2017       Length: 43:27

Welcome back to our Merry Marvel Movie March! This episode, we explore torture, explosions, and bad faux-Shakespearean dialogue by reviewing "The Punisher" (1989). As usual, we dive a little bit into the comic book lore and the Netflix series. And did you know Dolph Lundgren is a genius? Look it up!

Guests: Doug Gobeski

Episode 86 - 40 Years of Star Wars

Airdate: 5/22/2017       Length: 56:37

Adam gathers a roundtable to talk about the 40th anniversary of the release of "Star Wars". We talk about our first experience with the original trilogy, what we thought about the prequels (then and now), our favorite Star Wars video games and how we'd change the trajectory of the film franchise. And Digg.com, for some reason.

Guests: Alex Clark, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 85 - Shenanibananaganza Postmortem

Airdate: 5/8/2017       Length: 58:15

Tony and Paul join us again to talk about all the great memes and bits that defined this year's Shenaniganza. We finally find out how that Four Corners trip went, we get engrossed in r/place, and Tony acquires every season of "Frasier". And yes, we talk about Smash Mouth.

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 84 - Shenanibananaganza Part I

Airdate: 4/24/2017       Length: 58:57

Shenaniganza Mark III kicks off with some baggage problems, both physical and emotional! Tony, Paul and Adam discuss their impending trip to the Four Corners and how they will lie to children. After all, they ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. They were looking kind of dumb with their finger and their thumb...

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 83 - Tabletop Table Talk

Airdate: 4/10/2017       Length: 54:09

Finally, the episode where we really delve into board games. We talk about the cutthroat player, cheaters, and board game devotees, and the games we both love and hate. And the game that caused Adam and Brianne marital strife ON THEIR HONEYMOON. Plus, Jack the Ripper makes the "Dumb Criminal" reel.

Guests: Brianne Gobeski, Jessica Klaers

Episode 82 - Chem Lab Blues

Airdate: 3/27/2017       Length: 54:45

Brianne and Adam regale us with their story of a Scottsdale area escape room. Did they manage to get out? Or did we record the whole episode INSIDE THE ESCAPE ROOM?? And of course, ear sex jokes (but not the obvious ones!).

Guests: Brianne Gobeski

Episode 81 - The DVD Conspiracy

Airdate: 3/13/2017       Length: 52:41

Our old pal Q*bert stops by to talk about Moore's law. And Charlie has a genuine conspiracy to discuss. I mean, who sends Amazon gifts without a gift message inside? And we predict the Best Picture mixup at the Oscars (sort of).

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 80 - Off the Rails

Airdate: 2/27/2017       Length: 45:25

After 80 episodes, things can get a little awkward. Good thing we have a great list of questions to break the ice! By the way, isn't Ice Breaker a great name for an American Gladiator? Charlie sings two songs, plus Conspiracy Corner AND Cruise Tips!

Guests: Alex Clark

Episode 79 - MMMM #3: Howard the Duck

Airdate: 2/13/2017       Length: 57:24

We continue our Merry Marvel Movie March in another galaxy with "Howard the Duck", but we're only there long enough to see duck boobs. If you like your ducks anthropomorphized AND hypersexualized, this is the film for you! But seriously, it's really weird.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox, Tony Huff

Episode 78 - The Recounting of the Gifts

Airdate: 1/30/2017       Length: 57:39

Doug and Charlie record on location in Grand Ledge, Michigan! We all exhaustively discuss our gifts, as is the Chrimbus tradition. Do we discuss politics? Nope! Look out for at least one musical transition!

Guests: Doug Gobeski

Episode 77 - Merry Marvel Movie March #2: Captain America Part 2

Airdate: 1/16/2017       Length: 38:36

We conclude our review of the 1944 Captain America serial, and the body count keeps rising. Join us as we witness the rise of America's lesser known serial killer, Captain America! Part 2 of a 2 part review.

Guests: Doug Gobeski

Episode 76 - Stuffing Balls

Airdate: 12/31/2016       Length: 51:36

What starts out as a discussion of Thanksgiving cuisine quickly becomes a star-studded extravaganza. We're visited by New York legislator Aaron Burr, Chief Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Frankie Muniz as well as some quasi-celebrities, though "Alex" Baldwin does NOT make an appearance.

Guests: Brianne Gobeski, Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox

Episode 75 - A Chip Quip Clip Trip

Airdate: 12/23/2016       Length: 94:48

We've finally made it to 75 episodes, and we celebrate with ALL NEW MATERIAL! That's right, there's nothing here you've heard before, and it's split up into tiny digestible comedy gold chunks for you to consume! To put it less disgustingly: it's a clips show!

Guests: Daniel Baker, Alex Clark, Brianne Gobeski, Doug Gobeski, Tony Huff, Kara Hulce, Paul Wilcox

Episode 74 - Merry Marvel Movie March #1: Captain America (1944 serial) Part 1

Airdate: 11/26/2016       Length: 44:59

We start the daunting and thankless task of reviewing every Marvel movie ever created! We begin with the 1944 Captain America serial, which is surprisingly entertaining. Part 1 of a 2 part review.

Guests: Doug Gobeski

Episode 73 - Workers Against Needless Guidelines

Airdate: 11/7/2016       Length: 47:20

On the eve of the 2016 US Election, we consider a third party candidate, as Daniel Baker of the Workers Against Needless Guidelines party outlines his vision of a better America - as well as his thoughts on Justin Trudeau, Ryan Gosling, and the best way to heal the nation!

Guests: Daniel Baker, Doug Gobeski

Episode 72 - Racecar and Other Rigged Palindromes

Airdate: 10/27/2016       Length: 53:41

A very famous race car driver stops by to talk about overcoming the stigma of being a boy genius. Also, we talk about multiple Cruzes!

Guests: Alex Clark, Paul Wilcox

Episode 71 - New Bakergobeskiland

Airdate: 9/28/16       Length: 48:56

Daniel Baker stops by to discuss his job at Sporcle, Star Trek and Danny Pudi. We also create a socialist paradise. The secret to our nation's success? Only babies allowed!

Guests: Daniel Baker

Episode 70 - The Gobeski/Wallace Report Presents The Gobeski/Wallace Report

Airdate: 9/18/16       Length: 36:46

Same names, different perspective! Kara and Brianne give Charlie and Adam a much needed respite from hosting duties. This one's live from Madison, Wisconsin and we talk about ghost dogs, pet peeves and Coup (coupe?).

Guests: Adam Gobeski, Charlie Wallace and Alex Clark

Episode 69 - An Xbox 360 Retrospective

Airdate: 8/25/16       Length: 50:56

It's the end of an era, though WHICH era is debatable. Since Microsoft is no longer producing Xbox 360s, we decide to look back over the years and talk about the best and worst games of a console generation. And Charlie sings a song so bad it makes him sick!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Alex Clark

Episode 68 - Summer Break

Airdate: 7/18/16       Length: 49:21

It's another guest-less episode! We talk about Pokemon Go at length, but also the new Ghostbusters film, movie rating websites, hidden Xbox 360 gems, and our brand new meme. And Adam drinks Coke instead of Pepsi Max. Now THAT'S different!

Guests: None!

Episode 67 - Joe Piscopo Day

Airdate: 6/17/16       Length: 49:56

Joe Piscopo Day is finally here and we invite you to celebrate with us in episode 67! We share some Joe trivia, perform some skits, and there's even a "special appearance" from one of Joe's oldest friends. Don't call him old though, that's Joe's job!

Guests: Alex Clark, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 66 - More Facts Than We Know What to Do With

Airdate: 6/5/16       Length: 43:05

We celebrate Doug's trip to Arizona with a brand new podcast where we discuss foodstuffs, Ted Cruz, and Charlie sings a song. Wait a minute... nothing new there... Oh yeah, Charlie's failure at reading a PDF results in everyone's death!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Brianne Gobeski

Episode 65 - Shenaniganza '16

Airdate: 5/19/16       Length: 60:00

Ever wonder what it's like to hang out with Adam, Tony, and Paul? Well wonder no more, as they relate some of the goings-on of their second annual trip to Arizona - including ruining board games, adventures at local restaurants, and all-Foreigner rock blocks - to a horrified Charlie and Doug!

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski

Episode 64 - Gobeski v Wallace: Dawn of Douglas

Airdate: 5/5/16       Length: 65:27

Since it's been out for weeks, no need to say Spoiler Alert for this episode where we discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Doug is a sport and takes the "pro" camp, though it seems he genuinely LIKES the movie... weird.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Kara Wallace

Episode 63 - The Things Charlie Watched

Airdate: 4/13/16       Length: 57:06

Charlie, Adam and Alex desperately try to come up with topics now that both Tony and Doug can't make it to the recording. Wait, how did the episode end up being this long anyway? Guess we must have done something right! Also, Adam and Charlie may have missed their calling, as they flex their mighty voices in the first ever "Text Opera"!

Guests: Alex Clark

Episode 62 - Resting Smug Face

Airdate: 3/14/16       Length: 42:26

Paul Wilcox joins us as we gear up for Super Tuesday with a new edition of Cruz Tips! We also talk about The X-Files reboot, Fuller House, and everything that came back that shouldn't have!!

Guests: Paul Wilcox

Episode 61 - Podcast Bachelor Party

Airdate: 2/28/16       Length: 45:59

It's Charlie's last night as a bachelor, so what does he do to unwind? Record a podcast of course! We talk about fake presents, absent guests, and Star Wars. And yes, Charlie does have to sing a song about it.

Guests: Brianne Gobeski, Alex Clark, Doug Gobeski, Paul Kondak (sorta)

Episode 60 - Obligatory "Force Awakens" Pun

Airdate: 1/31/16       Length: 58:39

The boys are joined by Alex and Doug to discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens in exhaustive detail. Plus we mention Super Mario's US release date and a theory regarding Harry Potter!

Guests: Alex Clark, Doug Gobeski

Episode 59 - The Huff 'n Wilcox Explosion

Airdate: 12/22/15       Length: 52:27

Tony and Paul share a particularly memorable story from their visit to Arizona, and then everyone discusses topics as wildly varying as the state of cable news and if we're in a new universe or not!

Guests: Tony Huff, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 58 - The Return of the King

Airdate: 11/26/15       Length: 35:28

Jason King is back, as we discuss movies, life, and the greatest summers yet! Plus, inevitably, Charlie sings a song about it.

Guests: Jason King, Alex Clark, Doug Gobeski

Episode 57 - Back to the Future Part II

Airdate: 10/21/15       Length: 45:58

It's Back to the Future Day! With a movie so big we needed three guests to talk about the 2015 of the future! Plus, Alex's live reactions to the final "Force Awakens" trailer!

Guests: Alex Clark, Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 56 - Interstellar Politics

Airdate: 9/23/15       Length: 50:06

This one is about the intersection of politics and pop culture. But mostly we make fun of Ted Cruz.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 55 - Piscopo Cruise Tips

Airdate: 8/30/15       Length: 54:47

We start this one out right by having our very first celebrity guest Joe Piscopo on to share his tips for maximizing your buffet experience. Also, we talk about conspiracies, the Japanese language and most importantly, the weather!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Paul Wilcox

Episode 54 - If Jason Were Here

Airdate: 6/9/15       Length: 47:07

Well, if he's not here for the recording, we can at least speculate about how he would respond to our musings. We discuss Jason's favorite movies, music from our birthyears and "Catfish" for some reason.

Guests: Alex Clark, Doug Gobeski, Not Jason

Episode 53 - Really, how could THIS possibly be confusing? (Octopus Panda Dancer)

Airdate: 5/10/15       Length: 40:15

Finally, we get back to what makes this show great: Adam and Charlie! No guests today, but we get a new title as well as a couple new segments. And there may be an extra special announcement after the theme song at the end...

Guests: None

Episode 52 - Crazy Conspiracy Theory Hour

Airdate: 3/28/15       Length: 57:37

Tony from The Michigan Beer Show is back and he's brought his friend Paul with him! They're ready to talk about their favorite conspiracy theories and some bits they've come up with. Oh, and we discuss stalking park rangers online.

Guests: Tony Huff, Paul Wilcox, Doug Gobeski, Alex Clark

Episode 51 - Spider in the Car

Airdate: 3/9/15       Length: 49:22

The whole high school gang is BACK! We regale you with what we think are original stories and catch up to see how we've all changed over the years. (Spoiler alert: we haven't.)

Guests: Alex Clark and John Dittmer

Episode 50 - A Tag-Filled Wedding Road Trip

Airdate: 12/24/14       Length: 99:58

After 49 great episodes, we had enough extra material to create an entire podcast of extra material! We travel to Ohio for a wedding, live-review Nintendo games, debate controversial questions, and just generally crack wise. It's a long one, but stick with it to the end!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Alex Clark, Brianne Gobeski, Mike Susner, Lisa Zevorich Susner, and a cavalcade of guests (even Jason King!)

Episode 48 - Previews Ex Post Facto

Airdate: 11/16/14       Length: 51:55

Remember that Guardians of the Galaxy podcast we did a couple months ago? Well we reviewed the previews! And we've released it just in time for the holiday movie season! On a serious note, we recorded this before the untimely death of Robin Williams, so make sure you listen with that in mind. To answer your question: No, Doug is not a sarcastic monster... at least not in this case.

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Brianne Gobeski

Episode 47 - GW Report After After Hours

Airdate: 9/26/14       Length: 36:46

Hopefully you remember what happened in the first episode (actually, it shouldn't matter). Tony and Brandon show us a new game, we continue to question Charlie's existence and we debut the Gobeski Chocolate Report!

Guests: Kara Hulce, Doug Gobeski, Brianne Gobeski, Tony Huff, Brandon Manson, Alex Clark

Episode 49 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Airdate: 8/13/14       Length: 49:11

It's official: Guardians of the Galaxy is a great movie! Wait, you already knew that? Listen to this anyway!!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Brianne Gobeski

Episode 46 - GW Report After Hours Part I

Airdate: 6/20/14       Length: 48:57

This episode we've got more bleeped words than usual, and twice the racism (not really)! Plus, we've got 6 guests, including Tony and Brandon from the Michigan Beer Show!

Guests: Alex Clark, Doug Gobeski, Brianne Gobeski, Kara Hulce, Tony Huff, Brandon Manson

Episode 45 - The NES Ratings Guide

Airdate: 6/4/14       Length: 48:19

Finally: Adam Charlie and Alex sit down to discuss their NES ratings list! And there might be some Jeopardy discussion as well.

Guests: Alex Clark

Episode 44 - Personhood

Airdate: 4/16/14       Length: 49:37

Both Adam and Mother Nature are keeping us from opening our presents! But who cares; we have two first time guests! Plus, we find out what makes a person a person (hint: you are probably not a person).

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Kara Hulce, Marcy Wallace

Episode 43 - Romance in the Air

Airdate: 2/10/14       Length: 40:30

We discuss Halloween costumes, underrated movies, and of course, we recommend the best GW Report episode for your honeymoon!

Guests: Doug Gobeski

Episode 42 - A Gobeski/Wallace Report Christmas

Airdate: 12/24/13       Length: 51:59

Gather your loved ones around as we discuss your most and least favorite Christmas movies! Plus, learn the secrets of our holiday meals!

Guests: Brianne Gobeski

Episode 41 - The Great Trivia Debate

Airdate: 10/14/13       Length: 53:04

Get ready for over twenty-one exciting trivia questions, most of which are fair! Keep score at home and see how you do against Charlie, Doug and Alex!

Episode 40 - Capital Cities Podcast

Airdate: 8/16/13       Length: 41:26

We say good bye to Michigan, the word "podcast", and the Calendar Man!

Episode 39 - Man of Steel

Airdate: 7/1/13       Length: 39:41

In this episode, we celebrate several milestones: Adam's birthday, our newly acquired unclehood and Adam's last podcast in Michigan! And we answer the question: what's the only way to escape Superman? (Die in a tornado!)

Episode 38 - Shamrock Shakes Are People

Airdate: 5/31/13       Length: 44:26

So you know when you sit down do a 45 minute podcast but forget to turn on the recording software? No? Just me then? Luckily our short term memory is better than we expected.

Episode 37 - Star Trek The Board Game Part 2

Airdate: 4/8/13       Length: 33:53

Wow! I bet you thought we lost this audio! But here it is, and the stakes have NEVER been higher!!

Guests: Doug Gobeski, Jason King and Casey Wallace

Episode 36 - Would You Rather Watch

Airdate: 2/22/13       Length: 44:44

We've all seen a lot of bad movies, but which one is the WORST? It's like the Oscars, except with more categories and only two nominees at a time.

Guests: Brianne Gobeski and Doug Gobeski

Episode 35 - The Mouse with the Golden Bikini

Airdate: 12/5/12       Length: 30:13

OMG OMG OMG! George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney! What will become of us?!?!

Guests: Brianne Gobeski and Doug Gobeski

Episode 34 - Livin' La Vida Loco Pizza

Airdate: 5/29/12       Length: 36:18

What is the best type of pizza? Is it appropriate for a sheriff to give underwear to children? Are experiments on kittens ethical as long as they involve garlic dipping sauce? All these questions and more are discussed!

Guests: Brianne Kiley and Doug Gobeski

Episode 33 - Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (mp3)

Airdate: 4/17/12       Length: 25:06

Don't worry, you don't have to have seen the movie to watch this episode. In fact, it's probably better if you didn't.

Episode 32 - Faux Republican Debate (mp3)

Airdate: 3/18/12       Length: 34:14

Hey, ever wonder what those Republican debates would sound like if the candidates were out of touch with reality and just said anything to get elected? Oh wait...

Guests: Alex Clark, Brianne Kiley, Doug Gobeski

Episode 31 - Segments (mp3)

Airdate: 1/23/12       Length: 36:50

Adam, Alex and Charlie come up with several good ideas for recurring segments. Which ones will get to stay? You decide! Visit our facebook page and vote for your "favorite".

Guest: Alex Clark

Episode 30 - A Capitalist Christmas (mp3)

Airdate: 12/18/11       Length: 31:56

Adam and Charlie get a healthy dose of nostalgia as they remember the best and worst of gift giving (and gift receiving)! Brianne is once again forced to participate.

Guest: Brianne Kiley

Episode 29 - Throwback (mp3)

Airdate: 11/12/11       Length: 35:16

Adam and Charlie jam so hard, Kara has to leave the house! Also, Jason and Brianne are drafted as guests and forced to discuss Halloween. And perhaps the most shameless idea for product placement in a movie...ever!

Guests: Jason King and Brianne Kiley

Episode 28 - Goldsphincter (mp3)

Airdate: 9/25/11       Length: 18:36

While not the funniest word in the English language, we find one that makes any movie title better. We also talk a little bit about Will Smith, Rupert Murdoch, and what the podcast would sound like with only Charlie.

Guest: Alex Clark

Episode 27 - Pirates of North Carolina (mp3)

Airdate: 8/20/11       Length: 28:14

This time, Adam and Charlie try to infuriate everyone by making the most convoluted, frustrating movie franchise in history. Plus, 80's music, big moves and first-hand experience of sexual discrimination.

Episode 26 - Gobob and Snowjob (mp3)

Airdate: 7/25/11       Length: 34:55

Guest: Alex Clark

Does Charlie have a drug problem? Also, witness a chilling vision of the future! And yes, we even reference the Urban Dictionary.

Episode 25 - Halo (mp3)

Airdate: 6/27/11       Length: 47:43

Guest: Alex Clark

Adam, Charlie and Alex discuss the best and the worst video games they've ever played. And some mediocre ones too. Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say they just discuss games in general. And some other stuff. Just listen already!

Episode 24 - Harassing Our Fanbase, Part II (mp3)

Airdate: 5/31/11       Length: 26:30

Guests: Casey Wallace, Jon Shanks, Alex Clark

Adam and Charlie continue to interrupt their friends lives for their own amusement.

Episode 23 - Harassing Our Fanbase, Part 1 (mp3)

Airdate: 4/6/11       Length: 30:00

Guests: Jason King, Paul Kondak, Michael Susner, Brianne Kiley

We asked you nicely to call in. It was just a matter of time before we took matters into our own hands. Honestly though, the people we called were a lot less annoyed than we expected. Listen and enjoy!

Episode 22 - The Best of 2010 (mp3)

Airdate: 2/21/11       Length: 28:10

Upon reflection, 2010 may be the best year for the Gobeski/Wallace Report yet! But don't take our word for it... wait, no, I mean take our word for it.

Episode 21 - The Leonard Maltin Game (mp3)

Airdate: 1/26/11       Length: 46:44

Once again, we're giving you the chance to play along with us! Just pause the podcast after the cast list has been given and make your own guess. Remember to hit play again when you've come up with an answer!

Episode 20 - Superman II (mp3)

Airdate: 12/28/10       Length: 34:18

He may be the "Man of Steel", but does he have any "redeeming qualities"? Also, Jason passively attempts to ruin everything.

Episode 9 - The Lost Episode (mp3)

Airdate: 11/21/10       Length: 19:53

This episode, originally thought lost in 2008, was recently recovered and is available for your listening pleasure! Featuring raging grease fires and Charades!

Episode 19 - Sound Test (mp3)

Airdate: 11/1/10       Length: 44:52

Guest: Adam Uselmann

The first episode in which Adam and Charlie vaguely touch on politics. Also discussed: video games, movies and the origin of the catfish.

Episode 18 - The Eddie Murphy Rule (mp3)

Airdate: 10/7/10       Length: 20:33

In the explosive conclusion to Episode 17, Adam introduces a diabolical movie-themed game. Will he claim victory over his opponents (Charlie and Jason)? Play along as you listen!

Episode 17 - Inception and Scott Pilgrim (mp3)

Airdate: 9/25/10       Length: 37:39

Charlie and Adam definitively answer your burning questions about the Summer's best movies. Guest starring Jason King!

Episode 16 - Bill of Idiot Rights (mp3)

Airdate: 9/3/10       Length: 26:11

Turns out some of our rights are less inalienable than others. You pretty much have to listen to this episode. It's in the Constitution.

Episode 15 - Paper Bag (mp3)

Airdate: 8/7/10       Length: 16:19

Something is bugging Adam. Will this episode ever get off the ground? (Spoiler Alert: It does!)

Episode 14 - Battlefield Earth.mp3 (mp3)

Airdate: 5/29/10       Length: 32:11

Battlefield Earth really has to be seen to be believed. Or listened about. On our podcast.

Episode 13 - The Bill O'Reilly/Keith Olbermann Sex Effect (mp3)

Airdate: 3/20/10       Length: 27:14

Imagine the best podcast ever and you won't even come close to what we have in store for you. Twilight, Lost, Harry Potter, Star Trek and a special relationship advice from Dr. G!

Episode 12 - Star Trek The Board Game Part 1 (mp3)

Airdate: 2/22/10       Length: 32:27

Adam, Charlie, Jason, Doug and "Vlad" sit down and play the game the whole nation is talking about: Star Trek! You need not be an avid fan of the series to enjoy this one!

Episode 11 - Boxing Day (mp3)

Airdate: 1/23/10       Length: 31:16

Adam and Charlie discuss the origins of Boxing Day as well as a JCVD/Rob Schneider movie you all should check out. Your hosts also threaten Jason's well-being, as usual.

Episode 10 - The Breakup [Remastered]

Original Airdate: 12/20/08       Remastered: 10/15/15       Length: 21:48

The complete episode 10, now all together! Experience the dizzying highs and the nauseating lows as Adam and Charlie call it quits!

Prefer the original files? Here you go!

Episode 10 Part 1 - The Breakup (mp3)

Airdate: 12/20/08       Length: 2:54

After a year of hilarity, is it finally over? Let's see if our heroes can work out their differences...

Episode 10 Part 2 - The Gobeski Minus Wallace Report (mp3)

Airdate: 12/20/08       Length: 3:09

All of the Gobeski, none of the rapport. Can Brianne fill the freakishly large shoes Charlie left behind?

Episode 10 Part 3 - The Wallace Minus Gobeski Report (mp3)

Airdate: 12/20/08       Length: 4:27

If you ever wondered if Charlie was a world class singer, behold! Also, Charlie reveals his deep-seated hatred of man's best friend.

Episode 10 Part 4 - The Reunion (mp3)

Airdate: 12/20/08       Length: 9:41

After several soul-crushing hours, our intrepid podcasters reunite! This episode includes an original song and yes, even some Nick Bronson: Dinosaur Hunter!!

Episode 8 - The Creative Process (mp3)

Airdate: 11/28/08       Length: 20:58

Adam travels all the way to Madison for this one! The duo hammer out some details for the new Nick Bronson: Dinosaur Hunter radio broadcast and if you listen closely, you may even hear a new original song!

Episode 7 - Flava Flavius and Other Bad Ideas (mp3)

Airdate: 10/5/08       Length: 23:18

Proving, once again, that even the worst ideas are already taken. Also, we misrepresent classic movies, and even discuss the phrase "urinate uncontrollably".

Episode 6 - People We Hate (mp3)

Airdate: 8/22/08       Length: 27:56

Charlie gets a promotion and a discussion ensues about bands everyone should hate.

Episode 5 - Mafdcast About Nothing (mp3)

Airdate: 5/30/08       Length: 25:54

Adam and Charlie ruin some of greatest films of all time, establish some new spelling conventions, and definitely do NOT talk about Brianne...

Episode 4 - Halloween (mp3)

Airdate: 11/1/07       Length: 30:11

A special episode for Madison's favorite holiday! Adam relates yet another story involving being pierced by a nail, plus an exclusive Nick Bronson sketch!

Episode 3 - With Special Guest (mp3)

Airdate: 10/29/07       Length: 11:21

An episode chock full of special locations, special guests and special technical difficulties!

Episode 2 - Mafdcast (mp3)

Airdate: 10/17/07       Length: 30:00

Witness uninformed movie reviews, an original song, and even the creation of a new buzzword!

Episode 1 - Manifesto (mp3)

Airdate: 10/10/07       Length: 20:19

Adam and Charlie desperately try to come up with content. Will anyone care what our two protagonists have to say? Bear with us and find out!

Episode 0 - The Best of IM Theater 1 (mp3)

Airdate: 9/23/07       Length: 6:40

Good thing they saved so many hours of useless conversation (instant content!). Adam and Charlie discuss boarding plans for the next school year, and Adam attempts to seduce an abstraction.

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