The Top 25 Nintendo Games of All Time

When Alex, Charlie, and I had gone through our original set of Nintendo games, the goal in mind was to boil it down to a "Best of" list. Well, we did, and here it is.

Since 29 games competed for the honor, this will actually be a top 29 list.

28. (tie)Maniac Mansion
 Rescue: The Embassy Mission

25.Kirby's Adventure
23.Blades of Steel
20. (tie)Gun.Smoke
 Mario Bros.
18.A Boy and His Blob
15. (tie)BurgerTime
 Tetris (Nintendo)
12. (tie)Marble Madness
 Smash T.V.
11.Ice Climber

And now the top ten...

10.Ivan "Ironman" Stuart's Super Off-Road
7.Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
5.The Legend of Zelda
4.Super Mario Bros. 2
3.Super Mario Bros.
2.Bubble Bobble

And the greatest Nintendo game of all-time is...

1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Individual Lists
Alex's ListAdam's ListCharlie's List
1. Super Mario Bros. 31. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Bubble Bobble2. Bubble Bobble2. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Super Mario Bros.3. Super Mario Bros. 33. Metroid
4. Marble Madness4. Metroid4. Bubble Bobble
5. Jeopardy!5. Super Mario Bros. 25. Ice Climber
6. A Boy and His Blob6. Jeopardy!6. Super Mario Bros. 2
7. Smash T.V.7. Super Off-Road7. Excitebike
8. Blades of Steel8. Ice Climber8. Gun.Smoke
9. The Legend of Zelda9. Super Mario Bros.9. Super Mario Bros.
10. Tetris (Nintendo)10. Excitebike10. Smash T.V.
11. Super Mario Bros. 211. Mario Bros.11. Puzznic
12. BurgerTime12. Pinball12. Super Off-Road
13. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest13. Marble Madness13. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
14. Archon14. Anticipation14. Archon
15. Anticipation15. The Legend of Zelda15. Jeopardy!
16. Excitebike16. Archon16. Tetris (Nintendo)
17. Super Off-Road17. Kirby's Adventure17. Battletoads
18. Puzznic18. BurgerTime18. Kirby's Adventure
19. Battletoads19. Battletoads19. BurgerTime
20. Mario Bros.20. Gun.Smoke20. StarTropics
21. Metroid21. A Boy and His Blob21. Solstice
22. Maniac Mansion22. Puzznic22. Pinball
23. Rescue: The Embassy Mission23. Tetris (Nintendo)23. Mario Bros.
24. Solstice24. StarTropics24. Blades of Steel
25. StarTropics25. Rescue: The Embassy Mission25. A Boy and His Blob
26. Kirby's Adventure26. Smash T.V.26. Anticipation
27. Pinball27. Blades of Steel27. Maniac Mansion
28. Gun.Smoke28. Solstice28. Marble Madness
29. Ice Climber29. Maniac Mansion29. Rescue: The Embassy Mission

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